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2018 Colorado Outdoors Photo Issue Video


This year marks the 80th anniversary of Colorado Outdoors, and we’re thankful for the ability to share the stories of conservation, wildlife and our sporting and recreation heritage with you over eight decades. Started in 1938 as a publication of the newly formed Colorado Game and Fish Commission, the original Colorado Conservation Comments has undergone several changes over the years to become the full-color bimonthly magazine you hold today. One thing that has not changed is our mission to deliver information about the intersection of hunting, angling, recreation and conservation that is perhaps more vital today than ever before. Read more

Grouse Getaway


Greater sage-grouse display on a lek in northwest Colorado.  All photos by © Wayne D. Lewis.

YOTB_stacked_KIn the pre-predawn haze on a northwest Colorado prairie, every dark spot, smudge or blot you see is a greater sage-grouse — until the gathering light proves they’re not. As sunrise approaches, the “sage-grouse” become the rocks, sagebrush and clumps of dirt they actually are. But you know the birds are there because you hear them — everywhere. It’s not the distinct call of a western meadowlark (also heard in the mix) or other prairie bird, but much more otherworldly. It’s like the sounds the exotic-cute indigenous critters would make as they surround the Zachary Quinto version of Spock on some far-off planet in a Star Trek movie. Whether we know it it or not, the occupants of Mick and Nancy Sommer’s 4Runner are in a contest to see the first real greater sage-grouse. I end up taking bronze. Read more

2017 Colorado Outdoors Photo Issue Video


Each year, as the anticipation mounts for the photo issue, I find myself reflecting on the year and how intertwined our future is with our past. I am grateful for the abundance of wildlife, healthy habitat and our world-class state parks that provide the intersection of conservation and outdoor recreation. 

For more than a century, conservation work has been the primary mission of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW). Nationwide, wildlife agencies were created to ensure the prosperity of both game and nongame species. CPW employees are dedicated professionals who work passionately for Colorado’ resources every day. And the agency is fortunate to be supported by dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen who cherish Colorado’s parks and wildlife. Read more

Video: Life of a Professional Wildlife Photographer

vic ram

Have you ever wondered what it takes to capture those amazing wildlife photographs seen in Colorado Outdoors?

In this video, Colorado photographer Vic Schendel offers an intimate look into the world of professional wildlife photography.  Schendel, a frequent contributor to Colorado Outdoors magazine, shares stories behind some of his favorite photographs, offers simple tips for shooting better images and explains the inspiration that drives his life’s work. Big-game hunters will appreciate Schendel’s exceptional images of elk, bighorn sheep, deer and moose.


Video and blog post by Jerry Neal. Neal is the senior video producer and information specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Faux Fish: Practice Catch and Release With Reproduction Fish-Mounts

A reproduction cutthroat trout created by taxidermist Jeff Mourning. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

A reproduction cutthroat trout created by Colorado taxidermist Jeff Mourning. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

These days, catch-and-release fishing has become the standard practice among conservation-minded anglers. Thanks to artificial fish-mounts called “replicas,” an angler can release a trophy fish back to the water and still have that beautiful wall-mounted trophy to hang in their office or den.

fishing guide coverIn this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, Colorado taxidermist Jeff Mourning creates a stunning replica of a huge brook trout. Hours of detailed painting and artistry are condensed into this amazing, 6-minute time-lapse video. Mourning is one of a handful of Colorado taxidermists who specialize in creating fiberglass reproductions. He is also one of the top fish taxidermists in his field, winning 10 world and 10 national titles for his fish mounts, which might be better described as three-dimensional wildlife art.

For information about fish taxidermy and reproduction fish-mounts, purchase the 2015 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide. This issue features “Faux Fish,” providing an in-depth look into the world of reproduction/replica mounts and how they are fast becoming the only real choice for many anglers.

Annual subscriptions and back issues of Colorado Outdoors magazine may be purchased by clicking HERE or by calling: 1-800-417-8986.

Profile of Colorado Bowhunter Mindy Paulek

Colorado Outdoors Magazine Video-Supplement

Colorado archer Mindy Paulek. Video screen capture by © Jerry L. Neal (CPW)

In this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, Colorado archer Mindy Paulek shares her experiences as an accomplished bowhunter. Paulek touches on the inspiration that fuels her passion for hunting with a “stick and string,” offers advice to other aspiring archers and explains how bowhunting has helped her develop a deeper connection to family and nature. Read more

Fishing and Tying Soft-Hackle Flies

The Partridge and Orange is one of the oldest documented fly patterns but is still effective today.

The Partridge and Orange is one of the oldest documented fly patterns but is still effective today. Photo by Ron Belak.

In the modern era of complex, match-the-hatch fly patterns, adding a few simple, traditional flies to the fly box can be an effective weapon in the fly-fisher’s arsenal.  The soft hackle is among the oldest group of flies and the Partridge and Orange, the best known of the soft hackles, may be the world’s oldest documented fly pattern.  It first appeared in British literature in 1496.  In this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, author and fly fisherman Ron Belak demonstrates how to tie the Partidge and Orange.  This easy-to-tie pattern is great for beginning fly tiers, and its simple yet “buggy” appearance is effective for catching trout. Read more

‘Friday Night Bites’ Competitive Fishing Lures High School Students

friday night bites for blog final

Photo by Jerry Neal (CPW).

Competitive fishing is now one of the fastest-growing prep sports.  And at Colorado’s Pueblo West High School and hundreds of other schools across the nation, catching fish is catching fire among high school students.

In this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, members of the Cyclone Anglers, Pueblo West High School’s fishing team, explain how participating in an extracurricular fishing program has enriched their high school experience.

The Cyclone Anglers are proud members of the Student Angler Federation (SAF), a national organization that establishes fishing clubs/teams in high schools across the United States.  As part of this growing trend, three states — Kentucky, Illinois and New Hampshire — have sanctioned bass fishing as a varsity sport.  Similar efforts are underway in South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and Alabama.  Pueblo West is the first high school in Colorado to offer the SAF’s innovative program to students. Colorado Parks and Wildlife encourages other schools to get involved with this exciting opportunity. Read more

Fly Fishing: Small Mountain Streams

Colorado Outdoors Magazine Video-Supplement

Video capture by Jerry Neal/CPW.

In this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, author and fly fisherman Ron Belak demonstrates techniques for fishing small streams.  Anglers will learn how to locate and approach spooky trout and see Belak’s recommendations for fly rods, flies and other equipment.

To learn more, see Ron Belak’s article, “Fly Fishing Small Mountain Streams” in the 2011 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide.  Now available by calling 1-800-417-8986.

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