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Colorado Oudoors ‘Quick Tip’ Video: Bait-Fishing Basics

Fishing with bait is one of the most productive methods for catching fish. It’s also one of the most popular. According to surveys conducted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, nearly half of the state’s anglers fish with bait. In this “Quick Tips” video, you will learn how to set up a slip-sinker rig for bottom fishing with worms and Powerbait, and how to suspend bait off the bottom using a bobber.

Wild About Wipers

mosey fish one

Weston Mosey and his Lake Pueblo wiper.

Weston Mosey is just 17 years old. But when it comes to his angling expertise, he is wise beyond his years.

Mosey, a junior at Pueblo West High School, spends an average of 80 days a year fishing nearby Lake Pueblo (that’s nearly three full months of angling in case you’re doing the math). Mosey is also a member of his school’s fishing team, the Cyclone Anglers, where he competes regularly in local and statewide fishing tournaments. Yet, despite his vast experience, even Mosey was surprised by his catch at Lake Pueblo on May 3, 2013. Read more

Colorado Fishing Atlas is Ultimate Tool for Anglers

Colorado Fishing Atlas.

Colorado Fishing Atlas.

Every so often a product comes along that truly enhances your outdoor experience.  A product offering the perfect blend of technology, innovation and useful information that you wonder how you ever managed without it. For anglers, the Colorado Fishing Atlas is precisely this type of product.

Earlier this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s GIS department developed the Colorado Fishing Atlas, a user-friendly and interactive online mapping system that provides anglers with the ultimate where-to resource for thousands of fishing locations throughout the state. Since its debut this spring, the Atlas has received rave reviews from anglers and CPW staff alike.   Read more

Teal, Doves and Crappie: Three Reasons to Visit Colorado’s Eastern Plains in September

Wasps, spiders, sunburn, allergies, rattlesnakes, mosquitoes and chiggers are just a few of the challenges you must brave. But if you enjoy a good wing-shoot and the fast-paced action of fishing for crappies, these unpleasantries may be worth tolerating to take advantage of some early season outdoor opportunities on the Eastern Plains.  Read more

Eagle River: Great Fishing on Your Big-Game Scouting Trip

Scouting trips for your next big-game hunt are just as much about the unexpected adventures as they are about narrowing down the perfect place to set up elk camp in the fall.  At our house, “scouting” is the magic code word for “perfect excuse for a fishing trip.”

If you are scouting along the Interstate 70 corridor in the next few weeks, don’t forget to pack your rod and plan a stop along the Eagle River. The river is fishing excellent right now and reports from local fly shops keep getting better and better.  Large browns and rainbows inhabit these waters and make for some of the best river fishing in Colorado.  With a two-trout daily bag-limit, fish over the 20-inch mark aren’t uncommon here.

My husband and I recently took a camping trip to scout a new rifle hunting spot in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. After finding a promising locale — where a curious dusky grouse nearly hopped right into our tent — we headed south out of the Flat Tops en route back to the Metro area. Read more

Fishing Close To Home: Rocky Mountain Arsenal — ‘Come for the Buffalo, Stay for the Fishing’

RMANWR buffalo in road by Wayne D. Lewis

Buffalo bull crossing the road. — Photo by Wayne D. Lewis (CPW)

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” I sang, but not as loudly as the young men in the commercial. Their car had just been crushed by a bull buffalo, whereas I just had a large bull sauntering across the road, mere feet from my car’s front bumper. It was the closest I had been to a free-ranging buffalo in, well, ever. Although the bull wasn’t threatening me at all, we had made some serious eye contact a few seconds earlier. Signs advise you to stay in the car, I gladly took the advice.

It felt like I was in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, but I was actually only 7 miles from my northeast Denver home — in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. If the proverbial crow flew from downtown Denver to Denver International Airport, he would grab a midflight snack at the arsenal. Read more

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