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Are you looking for Colorado hunting and fishing news, talk and information that fits your busy schedule? Colorado Outdoors Radio podcasts feature the latest hunting and fishing information, and in-depth interviews with local experts and Colorado Parks and Wildlife professionals.

COR podcasts are Web-based audio programs that can be played on a computer, or downloaded to an iPod or other portable device.

So sit back, turn up the volume and learn more about Colorado’s exciting hunting and fishing opportunities.

Hunting the Elk Rut

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In this 23-minute podcast,   Mark Vieira, Colorado Parks and Wildlife terrestrial biologist, discusses some of the physiology and biology behind the elk rut and how the rut affects elk behavior.   Vieira, an experienced big-game hunter, also shares some personal tips and strategies to make hunting this time of year more successful.  Hunters will learn more about how rutting behavior changes throughout the early hunting seasons, how hunting pressure affects elk behavior, the advantages/disadvantages of hunting wallows, advice on when to use an elk call and suggestions on how to plan an archery or muzzleloader hunt.

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Early Spring Means Big Trout

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For trout fisherman, early spring is one of the best times to fish Colorado’s lakes and reservoirs.   In this 7-minute podcast, Doug Krieger, Colorado Parks and Wildlife senior aquatic biologist, discusses some of the biological reasons why fishing at ice-out is so productive for anglers.  Visit these links for further information about CPW’s Master Angler and Fishing Record programs.

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