Colorado Outdoors Magazine


2011 Fishing Guide


March/April 2011


2011 Hunting Guide


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  • i would like to submit some wildlife photos for the Photo Issue coming up in the late Fall…how do I submit photos? where? on this page?
    thank you
    Paul Gray

  • I have colorado conservation mags from 1955 and colorado outdoors from the 60’s. are they worth anything?

    • Tim, I would certainly keep them, as they may become collectible down the road. Right now, there is no monetary value per se, but they are certainly cool items and a part of Colorado’s outdoor recreation history, etc.

  • Hello,

    How do I get in contact with someone about doing a story?

  • I am handling my in-law’s estate sale. Going thru items, I came across vintage Colorado Outdoors Magazines.
    1- September/October 1957
    All issues 1958
    1959 January/February thru May/June, September/October – November/December
    All 1960 and 1961 issues
    1962 January/February thru May/June and September/October
    1963 missing May/June issue.
    They are in very good condition. I need help in finding their worth.

  • I am wondering if you all are taking input for your 2018 fishing guide?

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