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Whirling disease-resistant trout thriving in Arkansas River


A Gunnison River rainbow trout after it was caught last May during spawning operations by Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists. Because they are resistant to deadly whirling disease, Gunnison River rainbow trout are being spawned so that strain of rainbows can be stocked in rivers across the state. Photo by © Bill Vogrin/CPW

A recent survey by Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists found rainbow trout thriving in the Arkansas River near Salida offering a hopeful sign for wildlife conservation efforts aimed at overcoming whirling disease, which decimated trout populations in Colorado after its discovery in the 1980s. Read more

Anglers Celebrate Spring Hatches and Improved Fishing on Arkansas River


The Arkansas River offers exceptional fly-fishing opportunities to early spring anglers. Photo by © Dennis McKinney(CPW)

After skiers lay their last tracks at Monarch Mountain, and before whitewater enthusiasts ply their paddles in Browns Canyon, there is a quiet period of time in the Upper Arkansas River Valley defined by the emergence of two aquatic insect species and the trout that rise to meet them.

Anglers from around the country gather on the Arkansas River’s banks near Salida and Buena Vista, Colorado to test their skills and toast the arrival of spring as the baetis mayflies and brachycentrus caddis flies emerge from the river to complete their life cycle. These spring hatches represent a protein bonanza for brown and rainbow trout that have wintered in a state of near hibernation and awaken with a ravenous appetite. For anglers, the hatches bring some of the first dry-fly fishing of the year, when small imitations of the insects can be drifted on the surface of the river, inducing aggressive strikes and long runs in the river’s swift current. Read more