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Colorado Outdoors March/April Issue Now Available


The March/April 2015 issue of Colorado Outdoors is available now and features the 2014 big-game wrap-up, an article about matching the hatch when fly fishing Colorado’s high-mountain lakes, gourmet game recipes from one of Colorado’s most prestigious restaurants and much more. Pick up your copy, or an annual subscription, today. To view a contents page for this issue, click HERE.

Colorado Outdoors Annual ‘Preference Point’ Issue Now Available

2015 Jan-Feb cover

Spring is right around the corner—time to hang up your camo and forget about hunting until next fall, right? Wrong. For Colorado big-game hunters, the time is now to begin preparing for the upcoming fall hunting seasons.

Colorado Outdoors, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s magazine, is a valuable planning resource for hunters. The Jan/Feb issue features preference-point data and statewide herd-population estimates to guide big-game hunters in applying for limited big-game licenses.   Read more

Colorado Outdoors ‘Photography Issue’ Now Available!

Photo Issue 2014 cover

If a “picture is worth a thousand words,” then the 2014 Colorado Outdoors “Photography Issue” is worth a million. This wildly popular issue, available every November, features more than 100 photos from some of the nation’s top wildlife photographers. Every page takes you on a visual journey and brings you up close and personal with some of Colorado’s most amazing wildlife species. To order this year’s photography issue or to purchase a yearly subscription to Colorado Outdoors, click HERE.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a professional wildlife photographer? Don’t miss this in-depth interview with Colorado wildlife photographer Vic Schendel. Schendel, a frequent contributor to Colorado Outdoors magazineexplains the dedication and long hours that are required to capture those once-in-a-lifetime images and shares stories behind some of his favorite photographs. Big-game hunters will appreciate Schendel’s exceptional images of elk, bighorn sheep, deer and moose.

Colorado Outdoors September/October Issue Now Available

cover S-O 2014

For more than 75 years, Colorado Outdoors has been the official publication of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the only magazine dedicated to Colorado’s wildlife. Colorado Outdoors offers valuable insight from CPW experts regarding hunting and fishing, endangered species recovery efforts and wildlife management.

The September/October issue of Colorado Outdoors is now available and features a wealth of information for hunters, anglers and wildlife enthusiasts. To view the entire contents page for this issue, click here.

To order the September/October issue, back issues or to purchase an annual subscription to Colorado Outdoors magazine, click HERE.

2014 Hunting Guide Now Available!

2014 hunt guide Cover

Variety, they say, is “the spice of life.” And for hunters, no other state offers as
much “spice” as Colorado. From upland birds and waterfowl to majestic
big-game animals like elk and bighorn sheep, Colorado’s wild-game species are as
diverse as the Rocky Mountain landscape.

Get the most out of your time in the field this fall by purchasing the 2014 Colorado Outdoors Hunting Guide. This special edition of Colorado Outdoors magazine includes a big-game hunting forecast with statewide population estimates for elk, deer, pronghorn, moose and bear, as well as the inside scoop on all things hunting from CPW wildlife managers and biologists. In addition, this issue features an inside look at Colorado pheasant hunting, provides strategies for hunting turkeys and offers tips for big-game hunters on how to improve shooting accuracy. To view an entire contents page for this issue, click HERE.  Annual subscriptions to Colorado Outdoors magazine or individual copies may be purchased by clicking HERE.

Colorado Outdoors July/August 2014 Issue Now Available

July-August 2014 cover

The July/August issue of Colorado Outdoors is hot of the press and is packed full of articles for the outdoor enthusiast! Hunters and anglers will learn how to lighten the load when selecting backpacking and camping gear in “To Go Light or Ultralight, That Is The Question.” And big-game hunters can discover the logistical advantages of setting up a separate camp for elk hunts in “Spike Camp.” In addition, “Different Deer” presents the similarities and differences between mule and white-tailed deer — just in time for the fall hunting seasons. Colorado anglers will learn tactics for fly fishing the Rio Grande in “South Fork Rio Grande,” and how birds may be the best fishers of all in “Avian Anglers.” Also featured is “Living With Bears,” a photo essay with tips on safely hiking and camping in bear country. To view the entire contents page and all of the articles included in this issue, click HERE.

To order the July/August issue or to purchase an annual subscription to Colorado Outdoors magazine,  click HERE.

2014 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide Now Available!

2014 Fishing Guide Cover

With more that 6,000 miles of gin-clear streams and some 2000 lakes and reservoirs, Colorado is truly an angler’s paradise. Get the most out of your time on the water this year by purchasing the 2014 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide.  This special edition of Colorado Outdoors magazine features tips on catching Cochetopa Creek brown trout, fishing the Gold Metal waters of the Arkansas River and offers tips for preparing fish for the table. In addition, learn how wounded veterans are finding healing through fishing in “Icing the Wounds” and “Fishing Therapy.” Subscriptions to Colorado Outdoors magazine or individual copies may be purchased by clicking HERE.

Colorado Outdoors May/June Issue Now Available

May June 2014 cover

The May/June 2014 issue of Colorado Outdoors magazine is hot of the press, and it features a wealth of information for sportsmen.

Colorado is famous for its abundant elk herds. But did you know that moose herds are bucking national trends and are thriving in the Centennial State? Learn how a growing moose population may lead to expanded hunting opportunites in “Colorado’s New Gold.” In addition, hunters can learn how to smoke game meat in “Smokin’,” and how the localvore movement is creating a renewed interest in hunting in “The Hunting Paradox.” Trout and pike anglers will learn techniques for fishing Stagecoach State Park in “Catching the Spring Stage.” Finally, find out how Colorado’s Wildlife Council has raised public awareness through its innovative “Hug a Hunter/Angler” TV commercials in “Hug a Hunter.”

To see additional stories and to view the entire contents page for this issue, click HERE.

To order the May/June issue or to purchase an annual subscription to Colorado Outdoors magazine, click HERE.

Eleven Mile State Park – Carp on the Flats

I like fly-fishing flat water. Not just in spring, when runoff shuts down the rivers, but anytime between ice-off and ice-up. Turn me out on a quiet stretch of shoreline with a fly rod and a box of flies, and I will not bother the rest of the herd for hours.

And I am not fussy about the species or the location, any fish that frequents the shorelines in either cold or warm bodies of water will do. I target mountain park reservoirs for large trout, especially during the major insect hatches, and I try to fish the prime times in spring and fall when pike and wipers come into fly range.

However, in June, the fishing at Eleven Mile Reservoir takes precedence over all others. In addition to hit-and-miss fishing for pike, there is sure-fire action for carp on the flats. Read more

Colorado Sets National Standard with Innovative ‘Hug a Hunter/Angler’ Campaigns


If you live in Colorado and watch much TV, chances are you’ve seen the “Hug a Hunter” and “Hug an Angler” commercials. But what you may not realize is these popular and informative TV spots are part of a much larger public-education campaign – one that has expanded beyond its origin in Colorado and captured the attention of conservation groups and wildlife agencies from across the country.

The “Hug” commercials are just one part of a multifaceted marketing effort managed by the Colorado Wildlife Council.

Established in the late 1990s by the Colorado State Legislature, the Wildlife Council’s primary objective is to educate the general public about the important role hunters and anglers play in habitat conservation and wildlife management. The Wildlife Council’s ongoing mass-media campaign, funded by a 75-cent surcharge on every Colorado hunting and fishing license, includes radio and television spots, billboards and a variety of Internet-based advertising and promotions. Read more

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