Colorado Hunters – Big Game Season Structure Input Needed

Bull Elk
Bull Elk. Photo by © Tony Gurzick/CPW. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 5-Year Big Game Season Structure is close to being finalized, but there is still time to add your valuable input to the process. Public input is a crucial part of the planning process and up to this point, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has heard from several thousand hunters, both residents and non-residents, who have shared feedback in public meetings, telephone town halls, focus groups, and the initial public comment form. This valuable feedback has aided Colorado Parks and Wildlife in developing recommendations and alternatives for the 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure. And in July, a 5-Year Big Game Season Structure proposal will be presented to the Parks and Wildlife Commission for final approval. But before that happens, there are still two important opportunities for hunters to participate in the planning process.

Remaining Opportunities and What’s at Stake

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s 5-Year Big Game Season Structure recommendations and alternatives include potential changes to elk, deer, bear, moose and pronghorn seasons, including some big potential changes for Colorado bowhunters. With season lengths, start and end dates, and other potential changes being considered, it’s important that you take advantage of the two remaining public input opportunities and let Colorado Parks and Wildlife know what you think.

Opportunity 1 – Public Comment Online Survey

The public comment form allows the hunter to provide feedback on staff recommendations to elk, deer, bear, moose and pronghorn hunting seasons. You can stay involved in the planning process by filling out the second online public comment form. The public comment form will only be available through June 26, 2019, so don’t miss your chance to weigh in.

Opportunity 2 – Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission June Meeting

Public comment will be heard on the afternoon of June 6 at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting in La Junta, Colorado. Anyone can provide public comment. Your testimony is limited to 3 minutes per person, so make sure you’ve organized your thoughts and are able to get the most out of your time in front of the Parks and Wildlife Commission. Testimony on the 5-Year Big Game Season Structure will be taken right after the main presentation. For more information, please visit the Commission Meeting page on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

What the Process Looks Like

Big game management in Colorado is built on several planning processes, all of which are approved by the Parks and Wildlife Commission:

  • Herd Management Plans (HMPs) establish long-term objectives for big game species in specific geographic areas (Data Analysis Units) through a public process, using the best scientific information on populations and habitat conditions.
  • Annual license recommendations are set annually via regulation and are based on HMP objectives.
  • Big Game Season Structure (BGSS) policies define a framework for achieving HMP objectives through a ​variety of hunting opportunities and seasons.
BGSS Process Timeline
2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure (BGSS) Timeline

Previous Public Outreach and Involvement

For more information on the 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure process, please see the following:

The presentation for final approval of the 2020-2024 Big Game Season Structure is rapidly approaching, so please take advantage of the remaining opportunities to make your voice heard!


  • If you are a bowhunter, don’t forget to lodge comment in support of CBA Early season alternative 5 found on the CBA facebook page

  • Two things would like the 3 point rule put back infect for deer.

    Also do away with the lottery for sheep, goat, moose.

  • 54,000 leftover licenses? Maybe you should raise the prices again.How about making us buy another one we don”t want. Isn:t that a little like extortion?

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