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Original Colorado Outdoors Magazine Cover from 1938

Since its inception in 1938, Colorado Outdoors magazine has promoted wildlife-related recreation and championed the tireless work and dedication of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s team of wildlife officers, biologists, park rangers and other wildlife-management professionals.

Continuing in that rich, 75-year tradition, CPW is proud to announce Colorado Outdoors Online. With a primary emphasis on outdoor recreation, Colorado Outdoors Online uses the latest Web-based media, featuring informative blogs, videos, photo essays and audio podcasts to help the outdoor enthusiast get the most out of their outdoor experience. In addition to providing a how-to and where-to resource, our goal is to showcase the excitement and adventure that encompasses Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle.

As you explore this website, we hope you not only learn something new, but are inspired to pick up your bike, binoculars, bow, firearm or fishing rod and set out on your own, unique outdoor adventure. Above all, we encourage you to invite a friend or family member to accompany you on your next outing. Colorado’s outdoor heritage and the sustainability of our fish and wildlife resources depend upon all of us sharing our passion with others.

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  1. I’m an adult beginning hunter, and I found this website by searching for information about getting started here in Colorado. I’ll complete my hunter’s safety course this Saturday. After that, I really want to get out and hunt in the coming year, but I could use some help from experienced hunters to learn where to go and what to do. Do you know of any resources to help pair adults who are beginners with experienced hunters? I live in Boulder, so it would be great to find someone local who wouldn’t mind letting me shadow them on a hunt.

    1. Graham, Thanks for your question and comment. Congrats on your interest in becoming a hunter. One of the best resources is Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Novice Hunter Program. You can read more about this here:

      The NHP is based out of our Northeast Region office in Denver. I would also contact CPW’s Hunter Outreach program to see if there are any upcoming classes available for adults. Lastly, we have a call center staffed with Hunt Planners who are available to answer questions that you may have. They can point you in a good direction to get started planning a hunt and also provide with you some of our other resources that are availalbe. They may be reached at: 303-291-PLAN. Good luck!

  2. My kids (17 & 14) want to do some small game hunting. We will be in Co in Mid August. Since they have never hunted and we dont know the area, I would like to hire a local guide to help. Can anyone recommend someone?

    1. Thanks for your interest in hunting Colorado. Our small-game seasons don’t really begin until after Sept. 1. However, we have a team of “Hunt Planners” in our call center. Give them a call. They would be happy to help you plan a hunt and answer any questions that you have (303)297-1192. Thanks and good luck!

  3. My name is Cory Moul and I am the Chairman of Stay The Trail. I was just looking at your website and see that you have a Resources section with links to websites that have useful info for hunters. It would be great if you could ad a link to the Stay The Trail website to your Resources page. We are working very hard to make the Stay The Trail website the place that people go to find information if they are going to be using an OHV in Colorado. Our website is It would be greatly appreciated if you could ad it to your page.

    Cory Moul
    Chairman – Stay The Trail

  4. do you take any local hunting stories and print them in your magazine or the on line magazine? Was wondering how to do that?

  5. Reviewing the March/April 2020 issue — annual state parks issue — and am stunned and so very pleased by the artwork of Wayne Lewis. Kudos Wayne! from a fellow artist. Your illustrations are remarkable. The subtle wood grain background is like icing on a cake. After decades of subscribing to Colorado Outdoors, I remain impressed with the great graphic design of the whole magazine and always look forward to my next issue. Thank you graphic designers!

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