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Since 1938, Colorado Outdoors has been the official magazine of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Although the look of this historic publication has changed a lot over the last 80 years, one thing has always remained the same: Colorado Outdoors is the essential magazine to help you “Live Life Outside.”

Whether you’re a hunter, angler or just someone who loves Colorado’s wildlife and wild places, Colorado Outdoors features a wealth of how-to and where-to information to help you plan your next outdoor adventure. Each issue features Colorado’s top hunting and fishing destinations, along with expert tips to help you have greater success in the field. You’ll find stories of record fish caught and even taller tales of the ones that got away; of bull elk and echoing bugles; of backcountry hunts that epitomize the adventure and essence of fair chase;  and stories of wild game that will feed your imagination and the hungry mouths around your dinner table.

For big-game hunters, the Colorado Outdoors annual “Preference Point Guide” will lead you through Colorado’s limited-license drawing — setting you up for success before the hunting season begins. In the annual “State Parks” edition, you’ll find helpful tips to explore Colorado’s amazing State Parks, which are home to breathtaking scenery and limitless outdoor recreation. The most popular edition of the magazine, the “Photography Issue,” offers an intimate look at some of Colorado’s most unique and cherished wildlife species. From bighorn sheep and moose to birds and endangered species, you’ll get an extreme close-up as captured by the world’s best nature photographers.

Best of all, Colorado Outdoors magazine is your guide to all things Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Take a virtual journey with our team of dedicated law enforcement and wildlife professionals as they conserve and protect Colorado’s natural resources. From poaching cases to in-depth research projects and on-the-ground wildlife management, Colorado Outdoors will keep you in the know.

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Yearly subscribers receive both a Hunting and Fishing Guide, packed full of in-depth information for every Colorado sportsman. A one-year subscription (six regular issues plus the Hunting and Fishing Guides) is $13.00.  To purchase an annual or gift subscription to Colorado Outdoors magazine online, or call 1-800-417-8986.

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Back Issues

To order back issues from the current year, check out the online store . For back issues older than a year, please call 303-866-3203 ext 4624.

NOTE:  Click images below to view cover and content pages of back issues.


2023 May/June Issue

2023 Annual State Parks Issue

2023 Annual Preference Point Issue


2022 Annual Photography Issue

2022 Annual Hunting Guide

2022 September/October Issue

2022 July/August Issue

2022 May/June Issue

2022 Annual State Parks Issue

2022 Annual Preference Point Issue


2021 Photography Issue

2021 Hunting Guide

2021 July/August Issue

2021 Fishing Guide

2021 May/June Issue

2021 Annual State Parks Issue

2021 Annual Preference Point Issue

2020 September/October Issue

2020 Hunting Guide

2020 July/August Issue

2020 Fishing Guide

2020 May/June Issue

2020 Annual Parks Issue

2020 Preference Point Issue


2019 Hunting Guide

2019 July/August Issue

2019 Fishing Guide

2019 May/June Issue

2019 First Annual State Parks Issue

2019 Preference Point Issue


2018 Photography Issue

2018 September/October

2018 Hunting Guide

2018 July/August Issue

2018 Fishing Guide

2018 May/June Issue

2018 May/June Issue

2018 Preference Point Issue


2017 Photography Issue

2017 September/October

2017 Hunting Guide

2017 July/August

2017 Fishing Guide

2017 May/June Issue

2017 Mar/April Issue

2017 Preference Point Issue

2016 Hunting Guide

2016 July/August Issue

2016 Fishing Guide

2016 May/June Issue

2016 March/April Issue

2016 Preference Point Issue


2015 Photography Issue

2015 September/October Issue

2015 Hunting Guide

2015 July/August Issue

2015 Fishing Guide

2015 March/April Issue

2015 Preference Point Issue


2014 Photography Issue

2014 September/October Issue

2014 Hunting Guide

2014 July/August Issue

2014 Fishing Guide

2014 May/June Issue

2014 March/April Issue

2014 Preference Point Issue


2013 Photography Issue

2013 September/October Issue

2013 Hunting Guide

2013 July/August Issue

2013 Fishing Guide

2013 May/June Issue

2013 March/April Issue

2013 Preference Point Issue


2012 Photography Issue

2012 September/October Issue

2012 Hunting Guide

2012 July/August Issue

2012 Fishing Guide

2012 May/June Issue

2012 March/April Issue

2012 Preference Point Issue


2011 Photography Issue

2011 September/October Issue

2011 July/August Issue

2011 May/June Issue

2011 Fishing Guide

2011 March/April Issue

2011 Hunting Guide

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