Let the Games Begin (Part One)

I am woefully unprepared, but am quickly finding out how helpful my friends and coworkers who are hunters can be.
The author's quest for an elk has just begun.
The author’s quest for an elk has just begun. Photo by Wayne D. Lewis (CPW).

One of the most discussed barriers for novice hunters getting out to hunt is that they have no one to go with. Those novice hunters haven’t met Alex . He is an Illinois resident, and an avid whitetail and turkey hunter, beaver and otter trapper, and warm-water fisherman. A typical weekend will find him taking his three kids to a movie, or to a park to play catch, but that’s after they all go sighting in their bows at a range. He is also a lover of all things Colorado. And when a hunter sets sights on Colorado, the main target is elk.

Alex and I met briefly years ago, but a few months back ran into each other (like everyone does nowadays) online. Our chats quickly turned to an elk hunt. I offered to help him scout, and then go along to document and photograph his hunt for an article in Colorado Outdoors, the magazine for which I am editor and art director. With a pitbull’s tenacity, his hunt quickly became our hunt. He figured if I’m out there with him, I should be hunting. And, BAM, with that push, this long-time employee of Colorado Parks and Wildlife is going on his first hunt in more than 30 years.

An atypical bull elk.
An atypical bull elk. Photo by Wayne D. Lewis.

I am woefully unprepared, but am quickly finding out how helpful my friends and coworkers who are hunters can be. Picking a gun, an area and time to hunt, the type of license to buy to have the best chance for a resident and nonresident to hunt together, etc., are all things I’ll need help with. The adventure starts here. Stay tuned for future posts.

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