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Check out these great hunter success stories from 2015:

Cow Elk
Hunter: John Reed

I’m a 10-year Colorado resident and I’ve lived here since I was two. I have been hunting since I was nine, and have bagged ducks, rabbits, grouse and turkeys. Now I can add my first big-game animal to my list: A Colorado elk.

I was hunting with my dad on public land in the Flat Tops Wilderness. We backpacked in and hunted hard every day. We saw several elk that were running or were too far away, called in a young bull moose and even saw a big bull moose grunting at a cow only about 20 yards from us. On the third day we got up before 4 a.m. and hiked to a high-elevation meadow where we saw a few elk feeding. I crawled on my stomach through rocks and brambles, up to a small rise where I made a 170-yard shot on a feeding cow elk with my 7mm-08. It ran 20 yards before falling perfectly on flat ground with her head resting on a rock.

My dad and I waited a few moments and made our way over to the elk. I thanked the elk for the meat it would bring to my family’s freezer and for its life. I’m a lucky kid to be raised in Colorado! I can’t wait for next year’s hunt.

Hunter: Virginia Teter
Photos by Patrick Napier

Testimonial written by Robert Tobin (Patrick Napier’s son-in-law)

Virginia Teter hunted for the first time in her life in 2015. She and her friend Patrick Napier hunted for four long days from sunrise to sunset. On the afternoon of the fourth day in Fremont County, they finally stumbled across this 2-point buck. Virginia’s friend, Patrick, assisted her in lining up her shot.  As she drew down on the animal, she controlled her breathing as she had been practicing and squeezed the trigger. The shot resulted in an excellent lung and heart shot with no wasted meat. The shot was with a single round from a Savage .243 rifle chambered with an 80-grain load. Although not a Boone and Crockett buck, this animal served as a great first big-game hunting experience in Colorado for Ms. Teter. She is set on finding a larger buck next season.

Hunter: Juan Cerda

The time came when I drew my bighorn sheep tag. I was so excited. I was able to use my late son’s rifle. He was a great hunter. Opening day was one day after my 48th birthday. I drew unit S39. I scouted this unit all summer long. It took me five hours that morning to harvest this beautiful ram. Thanks to my son Carlos and my guardian hunter Juan Jr. for being with me.

Hunter: Neil Podoll
Unit 37
Photo by Jim Lewis

This is my fourth year hunting. Coming from a single mother/nonhunting family, my path to hunting has been much different. Luckily, I have great friends that have mentored me along the way.

I shot my first bull this year after going six days without seeing very much and running into lots of other hunters. The wind was definitely out of my sails but I kept at it. Second to last day, I came across a fresh elk track first thing in the morning and followed it. After 300 yards and getting into thick timber, I came over a lip and standing 60 yards away was this beautiful bull. Knowing he was a legal, I almost tried not to look at his antlers because it was just making me more nervous. At first I didn’t have a shot; his vitals were behind a couple of tree trunks. He finally stepped forward, and I slowly pulled the trigger and took a shot. He barely moved! The bull just took a few steps forward and seconds later he fell down right there.

It is hard to explain the emotions I felt when I harvested this animal– especially such a beautiful creature. At the same time, all the hard work, planning, dreaming and training has come together. It’s a beautiful moment.

Jessie's 3 Bucks
Hunter: Jessie Parkhurst

Photos by Chuck Parkhurst, Jessie’s father

Jessie is a high school senior who has been hunting for three years now. She currently juggles AP and IB courses and varsity cheerleading in high school. On her first year hunting, Jessie shot a big 5×4 buck at 100 yards. We teased her that it was all going to be downhill for her as she already had her big buck. Well, we were wrong! Her second year she shot a bigger 4×3 buck at 125 yards. After shooting it, she turned back to us and said, “I think this one is larger than the one I got last year!” And she was right. This 2015 season she spotted and shot a monster-sized 5×4 buck at 150 yards and turned to us with a huge smile and said, “Think Dylan (her older brother) can beat that?” We all just started laughing. When the local CPW officer in our unit stopped to check our tags, he said Jessie’s buck was the biggest buck he has seen taken there in many years.

Jessie had tagged out on opening weekend and went back to school where she and her varsity cheer team won first place in a competition and a bid to the nationals in Orlando, FL.  We are all waiting to see what she will harvest next year. We are hoping she keeps going on the same bigger and bigger path.

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