Outdoor Survival Series: Shelter

CPW Photo
Prepared for an unexpected change in the weather. Photo by Nick Clement/CPW.

Colorado’s weather can change in an instant and the ability to quickly find shelter in the backcountry is crucial to survival. And a great option for an emergency shelter can be as simple and affordable as a brightly colored 4mm thick trash bag.

In this episode of the Outdoors Survival Series, we’ll discuss ways to quickly build a shelter that will aid in keeping you warm and dry in Colorado’s backcountry.

Outdoor Survival Series

Peter Kummerfeldt has been teaching outdoor survival nearly his entire life. His approach is practical and proven. Colorado Parks and Wildlife partnered with Peter in the production of a video outdoor survival series. As an avid outdoors person and survival enthusiast, I was fortunate to produce the project. And I learned a number of skills and knowledge that have helped me immensely. For more outdoor survival tips, please see the following:

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