Secrets to the Big Game Draw

2018 Big Game BrochureAre you interested in big game hunting opportunities in Colorado, but you’re struggling with the limited license application process? If so, Bryan Posthumus’ Secrets to the Big Game Draw Seminar will help you simplify the application process, create a preference point strategy, and make the most of your limited license applications. If you want to hunt big game in Colorado, this is your chance to learn the secrets to the big game draw.

Bryan covers the following resources in his video seminar:

Don’t Miss the Deadline

The big game application deadline is now approaching. Starting in 2018, all resident and nonresident applications for all big game (including bighorn sheep, mountain goat and moose) and turkey will only be accepted online or by phone: 1-800-244-5613. The 2018 application deadline is Tuesday, April 3. If you still have questions, call a CPW hunt planner for free personalized assistance, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. (MT) Monday–Friday (303) 291-PLAN (7526).

Video presentation by Bryan Posthumus. Posthumus is the hunting and angling outreach coordinator for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife northeast region.

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  1. Here’s the secret to the big game draw. I have applied and gathered preference points for almost 30 years. Paper applications, fronting the entire tag cost when it really hurt my family budget to do so. I even borrowed the money at times just to keep the dream alive and get my application in…. Now you change the rules of the game with you idiotic 3 dollar tag application process. Now the odds are astronomical. The ones that sacrificed and had skin in the game now have nothing. Colorado has really screwed us over! You have created a draw system no different than buying a lotto ticket on your way home from work at the expense of all the loyal applicants… Pitiful!

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