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Some people swear by calendars, others are list makers. But to consistently get outdoors, you need to be looking forward, planning and prioritizing time in your busy schedule. We all know that spending time in nature is good for our mind and bodies. We feel the benefits of exercise. We even feel the stress slip away as we challenge ourselves on bike rides, hikes, kayak adventures…you name the activity. Even researchers are starting to compile mountains of evidence supporting what we all believe to be true – the simple fact that getting outdoors is good for us and provides long and short-term mental and physical health benefits. Yet, many of us fail to commit to this beneficial time. Me included.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s new Passport program is focused on addressing this very challenge. The Passport challenges us to take part in an adventure – to embark on Colorado’s ultimate road trip – a trip that includes visiting 41 state parks and 15 state fish hatcheries, and more importantly, an invitation to experience the diverse outdoor recreation opportunities offered in some of Colorado’s most picturesque landscapes.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado’s Ultimate Road Trip

Colorado has some amazing places to visit. Now, you can build an outdoor adventure bucket list using the CPW Passport.

  • Visit a state park or hatchery and ask for your free passport.
  • Challenge yourself to collect ALL the stamps.
  • Use #COParksPassport to share your adventures.
  • Finally, send in your photo to collect your completion prize(s).
  • Log your favorite memories in the CPW Passport while traveling the state.

Collect all the Stamps​​​​​​​​​​​​


Either CPW ​Staff will stamp your passport in the visitor center or you may need to locate the stamps at the fee collection station(s). Go out and discover as many as you can!

Passport Prizes and Bragging Rights ​

Passport-Hatchery-Regions-Large​​Go for prizes by collecting all the state parks or all the hatcheries. Or, go for the grand prize by collecting ALL the passport stamps!

  • Collect all 41 State Parks = Official CPW Passport Patch and a CPW fish sticker
  • Collect all 15 Hatcheries = CPW fish sticker​
  • Collect all 56 Passport Stamps for the Grand Prize = day pack!

Thanks to our program prize sponsors:

Goco-New-Logo      Friends-Logo

The Passport sets a goal and even offers prizes for those that complete the adventure, but it’s up to you to make nature a priority and find time to schedule your adventures. To learn more about what each state park has to offer, see Your Guide to Colorado’s State Parks.


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