5-Year Big Game Season Structure

For more than 120 years, your contributions have supported wildlife conservation, ensuring that Colorado remains home to abundant wildlife and world-class hunting. Now is your chance to look toward the future!

Your voice matters!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife needs your help to determine the structure of the 2020-2024 big-game hunting seasons. Public input is very important and will be used with other information to make decisions on hunting season dates and timing.  Please attend a public meeting or use the Big Game Season Structure Public Comment Form​ to provide important feedback. The Public Comment form is open until  February 11, 2019. To find a 5-Year Big Game Season Structure planning meeting near you, please visit the CPW website for a complete list of public meetings.

What is the purpose of the Big Game Season Structure Process?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife uses a five-year Big Game Season Structure as a framework for annual big game hunting regulations.

The framework addresses the following issues:

  • What types of hunting opportunities will be available.
  • When opportunities will be available.
  • Where opportunities will be available.
  • How the opportunities will be divided across methods of take.

For more information on the Big Game Season Structure Process, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Video by Jerry Neal. Neal is an editor of Colorado Outdoors online and works as a public information specialist at CPW’s Denver Headquarters. 


  • Start killing bears in the spring they Annihilate the Faws and calves on my ranch. And allow hunting with dogs for bear or bait you guys need understand you have too many predators pretty soon you will not have the money to continue funding any habitat for these deer now everyone is going to quit coming to Colorado to hunt from out of state

  • Hey look, another keyboard biologist wanting to blame predators for known people problem impacts! He wants to bait and hound too! After all, then it is much easier and who cares about fair-chase and ethics?!

  • Great stuff you got here buddy! Love to hear more about your hunting seasons and games too! Awesome! 🙂

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