2018 Hunter Testimonials

We are now accepting testimonials about successful small game and waterfowl hunts as well as big game hunts around the state.
Marty with bull elk
Marty Campos with his bull elk.

Hunter: Marty Campos

I drew my elk tag for muzzleloader in 2018, this was the first time using a muzzleloader for elk. Got this guy on the second day of the season, after not hearing or seeing an elk on the first day. The day started out great. When we got to our hunting area there were elk bugling all around us. I harvested my elk around 12 noon, after stalking him into the timber and finding him feeding with some cows. An 85 yd shot. First time hunting unit 14.

Emily's doe

Emily with her doe deer. Photo by Emily’s dad, Wesley Jensen.

Hunter: Emily Jensen

2018 was Emily’s first year hunting for deer. And she was so excited to harvest a doe. She did a great job and got her doe with the first shot. A well placed shot just above the heart. Emily was the only one in our family to tag out this year. It was a great experience.

Ryan's bull elk
Ryan with his bull elk.

Hunter: Ryan Strite

2018 was a success for our group hunting the 1st rifle season for elk near Pagosa Springs. The temps were below normal, there was snow up high, so we were camped out just below the snow line. The rut was on! And I was fortunate to get in between two bulls coming in to fight each other opening morning, October 13th, my birthday!  I shot the 1st one to show himself at around 150 yds.  Three of our four in the group harvested on opening day and our fourth harvested two days later.  All were nice 6x6s.  Sometimes everything comes together for a spectacular hunt.  2018 was one of those times. I won’t forget this one!

Denise's mule deer buck
Denise with her mule deer buck.

Hunter: Denise Hart

I am very proud to share this picture of the buck I harvested with my .30-06 this past December in Unit 142.  This is the 3rd mule deer buck I have taken in Colorado, but by far the biggest!  This amazing hunting experience was shared with my husband and my father.

Hayne's pronghorn

13-year-old’s Boone and Crockett record book antelope shot in the 2018 season.

Hunter: Hayne

My sons have had the opportunity to harvest Antelope does over the last couple of years on a friends property near Peyton, Colorado. This year Landon was fortunate enough to get a Landowner Voucher for the 2018 Rifle Antelope Season. We were pumped because we know what caliber of bucks we have seen on this particular property in previous years. Opening morning couldn’t come fast enough for Landon. We were able to locate, put a stock on, and harvest this absolute giant of an antelope. I just got it officially scored by Boone and Crockett and it made the book at 80 2/8”!! .

Tom's cow elk
Tom with his cow elk.

Hunter: Tom

When my son was young, I took him hunting with me.  My wife and some friends frowned on me saying he was too young. When my son finished High School, he joined the military and served 9 years, doing two tours. I was proud of him but deep inside.  My son who I thought would accompany me on my big game hunting was defending our country. Then two years ago during Christmas, conversation broke out about going hunting. I felt rejuvenated. Then last year, he brought it up again. We put in for the draw and we both got a cow elk tag.  Two weeks before opening day and my son started getting anxious.  He was counting down the days and I soon realized that I would be going hunting.  My father taught me about the outdoors.  I have tried to do the same and to hand down tradition.  All I could think about was if we only saw one cow elk, let it be my son who gets the shot.  And sure enough, that is what happened.  He saw one and he got his shot off a successful shot. I have never seen anyone as happy as he was that afternoon. For me, it was mission accomplished. Maybe next year we will both get one.

Paul's bull elk.
Paul Bishop with GMU 2 bull elk.

Hunter: Paul Bishop

A Dream Come True! I finally drew a Bull Elk License for Area 2 and have waited 22 years to get this very limited draw.  It seems to take a while to be successfuI.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to ever get a chance to draw this license, and then it came in the mail.  I was happy for the chance and couldn’t wait until hunting season to give it a go.  We HUNTED for eight days and finally spotted the bull that was a good one.  The weather had been somewhat wet for the days that we were out, and it finally had let up the morning of my harvest.  I’m proud to live in Moffat County and was pleased with the bull that I ended up with.

Jeremiah's  black bear
Jeremiah with his black bear.

Hunter:Jeremiah Johns

This is my 2018 black bear from a hunt in GMU 61. My first Colorado bear 

Colorado big game regulations require all rifle hunters to wear blaze orange while hunting. Photos in this gallery, if taken after a hunt, may not illustrate this safety measure. Please review regulations, when planning your hunt.​

Tell us your story by sending an e-mail to hunter.testimonials@state.co.us. We are now accepting testimonials about successful small game and waterfowl hunts as well as big game hunts around the state. Please include your name, a general hunt location and the story behind your outing (up to 250 words). Also please include a high-resolution, digital photo (.jpg) with the name of the photographer and any people in the photo.

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