Reservations Accepted at 18 Colorado Public Hunting Areas

CPW's system is used primarily for waterfowl and small game hunting reservations, but several properties also offer turkey hunting.
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There are few things worse than waking up early to be the first hunter at your favorite hunting spot and finding that someone has beat you to it. One way to avoid that frustration is to use Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s new hunting reservation system (hint: the government loves acronyms, so you may see the system identified as HRS). The new hunting reservation system allows licensed hunters to make reservations at 18 different locations around the state. This system is used primarily for waterfowl and small game hunting reservations, but several of the properties will offer turkey hunting reservations as well. 

Reservations Online or by Phone

In the new CPW system, hunting reservations can be made online at or by calling 1-800-244-5613. Hunters can make reservations starting 14 days before their desired hunting date.


Reserve After Midnight!
Your best opportunity to secure newly available reservations will be just after midnight, 14 days before your desired hunting date.

And for hunters that are familiar with the old phone reservations system, you will no longer be impacted by holidays. Phone reservations will be available with the exception of Christmas.  Please note that from 8 p.m. 12/24 to 4 a.m. 12/26 hunting reservations can ONLY be made ONLINE. The phone line will be closed, so please plan accordingly.

This Might Take Some Practice…

Hunting Reservation System Guide

Hunters should log in early and familiarize themselves with the new system. The CPW call center has put together a step-by-step guide that walks hunters through the new system, showing you some tricks and making it clear what you can expect along the way. I know – you never thought you’d have to study to make a hunting reservation. But look at it this way…if you prepare in advance, you will be through the process quicker than those who did not prepare. That might be just the edge you need to secure a popular reservation just past midnight.

Be Prepared to Make Your Reservation

  • You must already possess the current year hunting license for the kind of reservation you are making.
  • Have the CID number (Customer Identification Number) that is on your hunting license ready. 
  • Be prepared with a list of properties identified that you are interested in reserving.

Locate a Property

Hunting Reservation System properties map.

Hunting reservations are available for free at the following locations. For up-to-date regulations and property details, check the online version of the Colorado Small Game & Waterfowl brochure. Note: A daily or annual park pass is required when hunting at a Colorado state park.


Andrick Ponds State Wildlife Area


Banner Lakes State Wildlife Area

  • Property Maps: Download PDF | View Colorado Hunting Atlas
  • Hunting Opportunities: Dove, waterfowl
    Note: Reservations are not required but they are available for waterfowl only from 10/12-11/8/19 (reservations can be made 14 days in advance). You can hunt teal and dove/small game outside of that reservation period without a reservation.
  • Check the Property Conditions Report

Barr Lake State Park


Boyd Lake State Park


Brush Prairie Ponds State Wildlife Area

  • Property Maps: Download PDF | View Colorado Hunting Atlas
  • Hunting Opportunities: Dove, pheasant, waterfowl
    Note: Reservations are required 9/1-11/30/19 and can be made for migratory bird (dove/waterfowl) hunting. From December 1 through the dark goose season, hunters may check-in on a first-come, first-serve basis after 4:00 am or after a hunter checks out. Five (5) hunting areas are open for check in. Hunters properly checked in may hunt anywhere on the property.
  • Check the Property Conditions Report

Centennial Valley State Wildlife Area


Colorado River Island State Wildlife Area


Elliott State Wildlife Area – Union Tract


Franklin Island State Wildlife Area


Highline Lake State Park


Horsethief Canyon State Wildlife Area


James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park – 34 Road Section  


James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park – Island Acres Section


James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park – Pear Park Section


Orchard Mesa Wildlife Area


Stagecoach State Park


Tilman Bishop State Wildlife Area


Whitehorse State Wildlife Area

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