“My First Big Game Hunt” video series

“My First Big Game Hunt” is a new 16-part video series from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, introducing nonhunters to hunting through the journey of Crystal Egli.

My First Big Game Hunt” is a new 16-part video series from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, introducing nonhunters to hunting through the journey of Crystal Egli. Crystal is a videographer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, who had no resources or connections to hunting until she joined the agency, and decided to give it a try as an adult. 

Crystal filmed and edited each video over the course of a year, documenting every step of her passage from realizing her fear of firearms to going into the field with a mentor to becoming a mentor herself to new hunters.

“Before I started working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, I wasn’t for or against hunting. I knew it was something some people did, but it never occurred to me that it would ever be something I would do,” said Crystal. 

Passionate About Conservation

Having grown up in rural Vermont, Crystal is passionate about conservation and making the outdoors accessible for all. Although she grew up exploring the outdoors, she never considered hunting because she was terrified of firearms. 

“It took me a while to realize that the only barrier I had to hunting was my intense fear of firearms,” said Crystal. “Once I was able to overcome that through hunter education and my mentors, I was able to switch my mode of thinking from, ‘there might be an accident around me’ to ‘there will be one less accident because of me.’” 

Experiencing hunting allowed her to see firearms as a tool to harvest sustainable and affordable organic meat. Participating in the field brought her an even deeper understanding of how hunting contributes to conservation and wildlife management. Now she is an avid hunter who mentors and supports other new hunters on their own hunting journeys. 

“I wanted to make this series to show people that if someone like me, a millennial who lives in a city and is terrified of guns, can learn how to hunt, then anyone who wants to can do it too.”

New Episodes

Join Crystal on her hunting journey as she first learns the steps necessary to hunt big game in Colorado. New episodes will be posted weekly on Mondays at 3 p.m. Mountain time on the “My First Big Game Hunt” playlist on the CPW YouTube page. Subscribe and turn on notifications to be updated with each new episode.

Crystal is eager to bring locally sourced meat to her family while learning new ways to connect to the outdoors with her hunting mentor. To learn more about how to start your own hunting journey, visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Hunter Outreach page.

Note: New episodes will be posted below as they become available.

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Episode 2: Hunter Education

Episode 3: Finding a Hunting Mentor

Episode 4: How to Read a Big Game Brochure

Episode 5: Where to Hunt?

Episode 6: Firearm Basics

Episode 7: Small Game First

Episode 8: Wildlife Identification

Episode 9: Gearing Up

Episode 10: The Hunt

Episode 11: Field Dressing Big Game

Episode 12: Packing Out Strategies

Episode 13: Butcher and Storage of Meat

Episode 14: Cooking Game Meat

Episode 15: Hunting Ethics

Episode 16: The Finale

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