Colorado Turkey Hunting 101: Tools, Tips and Tactics

Whether you're heading to the mountains for Merriam's turkeys or the plains for Rios turkeys, having the right gear and knowing effective tactics are the key to finding success.
Turkey hunting decoy and blind.
Turkey hunting decoy and blind.

Whether you’re heading to the mountains to pursue Merriam’s turkeys or heading out to the plains in search of Rios turkeys, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region Hunting and Angling Outreach Coordinator, Bryan Posthumus, has some tools, tips and tactics that will get you ready for your Colorado turkey hunt.

Turkey Hunting Calls

With a wide variety of calls available both online and at your local stores, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the choices. In the following video, Bryan explains the basics and benefits of three popular types of turkey calls – box call, pot calls and diaphragm calls.

This video provides a short overview on turkey calling, the types of calls and basic techniques.

For additional information on turkey calls and sounds, visit the “Wild Turkey Sounds” page on the National Wild Turkey Federation website.

Turkey Hunting Decoys

Turkey hunting decoys come in all shapes and sizes – both 2D and 3D. In the following video, Bryan discusses the pros and cons of some popular decoys and explains some important decoy placement tips.

This video provides a basic overview of the different types of turkey decoys, including foam decoys, Montana Decoys and Dave Smith Decoys.

Hunting Blinds & Concealment

There’s no shortage of options for finding concealment in the field. From clothing choices to popup blinds, Bryan explains concealment tips and tactics that will give you an advantage against the wariest of toms.

This video provides a basic overview of the types of turkey hunting blinds, clothing and concealment.

Blind & Decoy Placement

Having the right gear is a great starting point, but true success comes from knowing how to use it. And while turkey hunting takes some cooperation from the birds and a little trial and error, simple things like knowing which way to face a decoy can give you a real advantage in the field. In the following video, Bryan demonstrates tips and tactics that will help budget-conscious turkey hunters make the most of their gear.

This video provides a basic overview of turkey hunting blind and decoy placement.

Hopefully, these turkey hunting tools, tips and tactics help you harvest a turkey this season and as always, stay safe and have fun!

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