COTREX: Now with Local Trail Closures and Alerts

To find new trail opportunities in your community, use the free COTREX app on both desktop and mobile phones.
Staying close to home and limiting travel for outdoor recreation is essential to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Colorado. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has launched a new trail closure tracking feature on the Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) app to enhance the outdoor recreation planning experience for our community. With help from our local, state, and federal partners COTREX is now monitoring trail-related COVID-19 closures across Colorado on a daily basis. For the first time, closures and alerts are now visually represented with symbols on the COTREX map when viewing details about a trail, trailhead or visitor center.

CPW understands how important outdoor recreation is to your physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, staying close to home and limiting travel for recreation is essential to prevent the spread of the virus in our state. At this time, we encourage all Coloradans to stay close to your home and use local trails and parks for outdoor recreation.  Limiting travel for recreation helps minimize the strain of visitors on small mountain communities and creates less burden for our search and rescue and emergency responders.  

Closures and alerts are now visually represented with symbols on the COTREX map

To find new trail opportunities in your community, use the free COTREX app on both web and mobile. COTREX is a valuable resource that allows users to discover more than 45,000 miles of public trails in Colorado. The trail filter allows you to customize your search based on location, recreational activity, vehicle type, or trail needs like wheelchair accessibility and dog-friendly trails. The app also gives you the ability to create and share custom routes that show distance, elevation, steepness and navigation to the nearest trailhead. 

COTREX plans to track closures related to trails, parks, open spaces, visitor centers and campgrounds. COTREX does not plan to report closures for public recreation facilities not associated with trails, such as playgrounds and recreation centers. While our goal is to update COTREX daily, please make sure to check with your local land manager for additional guidance on how and where to recreate responsibly.

CPW reminds Coloradans to practice trail safety etiquette while recreating outdoors and to visit parks responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Stay at home if you are sick. 
  • Participate in the Colorado Mask Project and wear a non-medical mask when you go outside to protect yourself and our community. 
  • Spread out on trails and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Avoid creating crowds around trailheads. Adjust your outdoor recreation plans and use COTREX to find another local trail option. 
  • Avoid dangerous outdoor activities that can result in a hospital visit. 

For more information about Colorado’s state parks and outdoor recreation, visit the CPW website.

Written by Bridget Kochel. Bridget is a public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife .

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