Wildlife at Steamboat Lake State Park

Many wildlife viewers visit for the chance to see big game animals like deer, elk and moose. We encourage you to look deeper.
Video: Wildlife at Steamboat Lake State Park

Stunning mountain scenery and outdoor fun four seasons of the year await visitors to Steamboat Lake. At 8,100 feet elevation, with breathtaking views of Hahns Peak and the Park Range, the park beckons hikers and mountain bikers with over seven miles of trails connecting to more in the surrounding Routt National Forest. Wildlife watchers may glimpse sandhill cranes, bald eagles, osprey, elk, deer, bears, coyotes, foxes and a variety of small mammals and birds.

Overnight visitors can camp in the campgrounds (tent and full-service sites available) or rent one of 10 cabins. The 1,100- acre lake accommodates motorboats, jet skis and sail and handpowered craft. There’s a full-service marina with boat and dock rentals. Campers can leave their boats along the shore near their campsite.

The park’s popularity means you should arrive early and make campground reservations, especially for summer weekends.

Thinking of visiting?

If your thinking of visiting Steamboat Lake State Park for more than a day, you should consider getting an annual state parks pass.

Family Annual Parks Pass – $120

Family Annual Parks passes are associated with the pass purchaser’s household address and are valid for a 12-month period. Anyone from the same household as the person that purchased the pass may use the pass. The pass may be transferred between vehicles, as long as a resident of the purchaser’s address is present.

Annual Affixed Vehicle Parks Pass – $80 per vehicle

​Annual Vehicle passes are valid for a 12-month period​. The Annual Affixed Vehicle Parks Pass provides unlimited access to all Colorado State Parks during that time.

Video by Crystal Egli. Crysatl is a videographer and a media specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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