Pheasant Hunting 101 – Learn to Hunt Webinar Series

Join the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Outreach team for an introduction to pheasant hunting in Colorado.
Video: Pheasant Hunting 101

This webinar covers the basics of pheasant habitat, regulations, tactics, and where you can go to get started hunting pheasants in Colorado.


Hunter Outreach Program

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Hunter Outreach Program seeks out people with non-hunting backgrounds. They offer clinics, seminars, advice, and educational hunts for novice hunters of all ages. With educational programs that appeal to diverse interests and levels of ability, They can help you make the most of your hunting pursuits, or help take you through the first steps towards becoming a part of our hunting community.​ For more information, please visit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Bryan Posthumus is the Statewide Hunter Outreach Coordinator for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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