2020 Colorado Big-Game Hunter Testimonials

From a massive public land bull elk to mountain goats, Colorado big-game hunters share stories and photos from their days in the field.
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As we all know, hunting is about so much more than the harvest. While the following images are mostly of harvested animals, many of the hunters also shared information about their time spent with family and friends while scouting and hunting in Colorado’s amazing outdoors.

2020 Colorado Big-Game Hunters

Scenic view
Brendon M. – Brendon is an avid archery hunter and outdoorsman. He shared a photo taken from his tree-stand during a November whitetail archery hunt. Pictured are Brendon’s custom-made rattling antlers and a beautiful November Colorado sunset on the Eastern Plains.
hunter packing out mountain goat
Brian C. – Brian packing out his mountain goat.
Alberta R. and Kristina B. – A mother and daughter team prepare to head out for their hunt. Alberta, on the right, points Kristina toward a stand where she’s found success in the past. Alberta proudly shares more than 49 years of hunting knowledge with her daughter. Photo by Tracy Klockner
hunter with Buck
Alfredo L. – Alfredo with his buck that was harvested during a second season hunt. This was Alfredo’s first buck. The photo was submitted by his proud father, Alfredo Sr.
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ram
Bart R. – “I’m starting off by saying I was lucky enough to draw a Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ram tag in southwest Colorado. On the 10th day of hunting and after 20 rams spotted so far in the season, my dad Earl, my son Corbyn and I were hunting up in a basin where we were finally able to harvest. It was definitely worth the 18 year wait to have my son and father with me. The unofficial score on the 13-year-old ram was 172. Thank you Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the opportunity to harvest an animal of this magnitude.”
hunter with bighorn sheep
Brian L. – Brian harvested his bighorn sheep on his 33rd day of scouting and hunting.
hunter with moose
Clay K. – “CPW, this was a lifetime hunt that I will always remember! A Colorado lifetime moose hunt with my dad and sister.”
hunter with buck
Cory B. – Cory with his mule deer buck.
hunter with bear
Dillon M. – Dillion with his 275 pound black bear.
hunter with buck
Jane D. – Jane shared a photo of her first buck, a 4X5 with a 26″ spread. “I’d always wanted to learn how to hunt, and didn’t start until a few years ago (I’m 58 years old now). I had a couple male friends act as mentors for me, and it took me 3 years of deer hunting to harvest this beauty. I was by myself on this hunt and field dressed it myself, too. I was super proud.”
hunter with moose
Jeff A. – “Of all the unexpected things that have happened in 2020, the one that made me happy was drawing my bull moose tag after 18 years of applying. I needed a once-in-a-lifetime experience this year! After applying to the same unit for years, I rolled the dice on a new unit and scored. Saying this may get me exiled from my hunting group, but I think I like moose meat more than elk!”
hunter with mule deer
Jeremy S’s Wife – Jeremy submitted a photo of a mule deer his wife harvested during her September 2020 hunt.
hunter with buck
Jeremy W. – Jeremy shared a picture of his whitetail buck, which was harvested out on the Eastern Plains of Colorado during the 2020 plains rifle season. “I’ve only taken a doe from this unit in previous years, and was ecstatic to take this buck (my first antlered deer) on the opening day,” said Jeremy. On his last day of hunting, he also filled a second tag for a doe.
hunter with mountain goat
Joe Z – “Tremendous weather and plenty of mountain goats made the 19 year beyond worthwhile. I located him 300 yards away in some very good terrain. I was able to get within 40 yards of him and make the shot.”
hunter with buck
Karli H. – Karli drew a tag for the late December hunt. On the second day of the hunt, she harvested her buck at 75 yards. Karli’s photo was submitted by her father Kirt.
hunter with cow elk
Marissa T. – Marissa with her cow elk. Photo submitted by Cory B.
hunter with bighorn sheep
Mark H. – Mark with his bighorn sheep ram.
hunter with bighorn sheep
Lexi M. – “I was fortunate enough to join my friend, Lexi M., on her successful ram hunt in S9. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I hope to get my very own opportunity on a ram soon!” Pictured in the photo Alex, Megan, Lexi (tag holder) and JJ. Photo submitted by Megan B.
hunter with buck
Sam T. – 13 year old Sam harvested his first big game animal during the second season of 2020 in the Gunnison Basin.
hunter with cow
Wyatt W. – Wes submitted a photo of his son Wyatt and his first big game animal harvest.
hunter with bull elk
Ryan D. – Ryan shared a photo of his bull that was harvested during 3rd season with an over-the-counter tag on BLM land. “I was overwhelmed with excitement. It was my first bull after seven years of hunting elk in Colorado. He is extremely unique and one of a kind. A drop-tine public land bull. He was a battled veteran with three broken tines, including an entire eye guard. The drop tine was untouched,” said Ryan.

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We are now accepting testimonials about the successful small game and waterfowl hunts as well as big game hunts around the state. And we’re not just looking for harvest photos. Please share images from your elk camp, your goose blind, scenic views, a day in the field with your dogs…any images of those moments in the field that make our hunting experiences so special.

Please include your name, a general hunt location and the story behind your outing (up to 250 words). Also, please include a high-resolution, digital photo (.jpg) with the name of the photographer and any people in the photo. Tell us your story by sending an e-mail to hunter.testimonials@state.co.us.

Colorado big game regulations require all rifle hunters to wear blaze orange while hunting. Photos in this gallery, if taken after a hunt, may not illustrate this safety measure. Please review regulations, when planning your hunt.

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    1. Thanks for the heads-up! Tracy R. harvested a buck and a bull. I uploaded the wrong image. Both images are now available now. Tracy knows the difference 🙂

    1. Sorry about that, Tracy R. harvested a buck and a bull. I uploaded the wrong image. Both images are now available now. Tracy knows the difference 🙂

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