Riparian Ecosystems: The Waterworks of Colorado

Follow along as Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s education team explores one of Colorado's most important ecosystems, the riparian zone.
Video: Riparian Ecosystems – The Waterworks of Colorado

There’s something nice about being next to a river or a lake after a hike, but what is it about water that attracts not only us but our wildlife. Across the state of Colorado, there is a system of water that supports the land and life. Streams, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and irrigation ditches all make up Colorado’s riparian ecosystem, the waterworks that feed nutrients and water into the land. This water system flows from the highest mountains to the lowest plains, saturating the land so that our wildlife can survive in our semi-arid climate.

Discover the importance of water in our state with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Educator Barona and River Watch Manager Megan as they examine how water quality impacts habitats, wildlife and us!

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