Mountain Lions in Colorado Episode 3: Mountain Lion Hunting

By law, every citizen of good standing has the opportunity to hunt and fish in the United States and Canada.
Video: Episode 3: Mountain Lion Hunting

Hunting is the cornerstone of management and wildlife conservation in Colorado. It’s the most efficient tool that wildlife officials utilize to manage wildlife populations in tune with what the habitat will support. Episode 3 of Mountain Lions in Colorado explains the critical role that hunters play in species conservation, the importance of the lion hunter education and identification course, hunting methods, and license quota setting.

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Narrated by Mark Johnson. Mark Johnson, an avid hunter, fly-fisherman, and rancher, is also the host for the Colorado Outdoors Podcast.

Images and videos used in the series were collected from across the state, from both residents and within the agency. David Neils of Wild Nature Media ( supplied many of the fascinating videos in episode one showing mountain lions in their wild state.

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