Wolf Reintroduction: Online Education Session #1

Register for Colorado Parks and Wildlife's educational session on wolf reintroduction efforts being held on April 28, 2021.
Wolves. Photo by © David Parsons/Getty Images

Session 1: Wolf Management and Wolf-Prey Interactions

Session Topics: Learn about what it means to have wolves on the landscape, how experts from other states approach wolf management and how wildlife experts develop management plans for other species. 

Video: Gray Wolf Reintroduction – Education Session #1 (April 28, 2021)


  • Diane Boyd (retired from Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks) will describe state management of wolves
  • Jon Horne (Idaho Fish and Game) will present on wolf-prey interactions

Educational Sessions

The purpose of the educational sessions is to provide the Commission and members of the public with a common understanding of what it means to have wolves on the landscape and how experts from other states have approached wolf management. Invited wolf experts from Montana and Idaho will share real-world experiences to help the Colorado public better understand what it means to have wolves as one of the many wildlife species CPW manages.

Stay informed on CPW’s wolf management efforts by visiting the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website and signing up for the Gray Wolf Reintroduction eNews.

Travis Duncan is a public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Denver. Travis has lived in Colorado nearly 20 years and loves the outdoors. If you have a question, please email him at travis.duncan@state.co.us.

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