Colorado Big Game Hunting Series: Part 6 – In-Field Scouting (Phase 1)

Join Nate on an elk scouting trip where he identifies food and water sources, bedding areas, and explains the importance of timing your scouting trip.
Colorado Big Game Hunting Series: In-Field Scouting – Phase 1

Nate’s Colorado Big Game Hunting Series has walked you through the draw and introduced you to virtual scouting and glassing techniques. Now it’s time to get boots on the ground. This is where the fun starts. Join Nate in the Colorado outdoors where he walks you through the basics of scouting. 

In this episode, Nate takes you into elk habitat and shows you how to identify the food sources, water sources, and bedding areas that you’ll need to identify as part of your Colorado elk hunting plan. Nate walks you through the meadows and into the dark timber to show you what optimal forage and cover look like. He explains the importance of knowing when and where to scout – picking the right time of day is an important part of your scouting process and will help ensure that you do not push the elk out of the area. If you are new to elk hunting or just looking to up your game, these are the scouting tips you need.

Spoiler: Don’t miss the very end of the video, where Nate is surprised by an elk herd! Follow Nate’s advice and you’ll find the elk this fall.

Colorado Big Game Hunting Series

Nate Zelinsky is a professional Walleye Angler and all species guide based in Colorado and has guided and tournament fished all across the country. Nate is on his 19th year as owner of Tightline Outdoors Colorado’s Premier outlet for multi-species guiding, tournaments, TV, Digital Content, TV, Radio, and Writing! Some of these experiences can be seen on In-Fisherman, Jarrett Edwards Outdoors, Denver’s 7News, 9News,  and WFN. You can also listen to Nate on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on The Fan Outdoors with Terry Wickstrom. Nate’s daily goal is to educate anglers to create success every time they go on the water. More on Nate can be found at

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