Dove Hunting 101: Decoys

In this video, Bryan Posthumus, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Statewide Hunter Outreach Coordinator, explains how decoys can be a game-changer for your dove hunting season.
Video: Dove Hunting 101- Decoys

September marks the start of mourning dove season in Colorado. And hunters are heading into the fields in search of these fast fliers, who are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 55 MPH. Although dove hunting primarily involves pass-shooting of birds that are flying to and from roosting and feeding sites, the use of decoys can change flight patterns and turn the odds in the hunter’s favor. Careful placement of decoys can entice doves within shotgun range. In this video,  Bryan demonstrates decoy options ranging from simple printed images that you can produce at home to more advanced motion decoys like the spinning-wing Mojo. He also describes a tactic that will help alter dove flying patterns and increase your chance of bringing them into safe shooting lanes.

An Affordable Decoy Option
Decoys become even more valuable as the hunting season progresses and birds become increasingly wary of hunters. If you are new to dove hunting or looking for decoys on the cheap, be sure to check out our “DIY Dove Decoys” article.

Must-Try Dove Recipes

 Buffalo-style Doves
Buffalo-style Doves

With Bryan’s tips, you’re sure to have increased luck in the field this season. And if you’re a new hunter, you may be wondering just how you’re going to get those doves from the field to your table. If so, we’ve got you covered. To try one of the easy-to-prepare recipes that are sure to please your friends and family, read our Must-Try Dove Recipes for delicious dishes such as buffalo-style doves, dove jalapeno poppers, and classic fried dove breasts.

Take a Friend Hunting Contest

Dove Hunters
Bryan and new hunter Jeremy discuss dove hunting tactics.

Dove hunting is an excellent opportunity to get a friend or family member that has been asking about hunting out in the field. And this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, along with our hunting partners, has an exciting contest for mentors who are willing to pass on their knowledge. If you take a novice hunter out hunting and submit a photograph and brief story about your experience, you have a chance to win some amazing prizes. Submissions will be judged by their ability to inspire. Learn more about this great opportunity for a chance to win some amazing prizes at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Looking for a place to hunt?

Check out these resources to find public land hunting access:

Good luck this dove hunting season!

Bryan Posthumus is the Statewide Hunter Outreach Coordinator for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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