Podcast: Turning Superfund Sites into Pristine Fisheries

Colorado Parks & Wildlife and partners work to erase a dark legacy of mining by restoring heavily polluted waters to pristine fisheries.
Arkansas River

Some terms naturally go together like “Colorado Parks and Wildlife” and “world-class fishing.”

Few would ever add to that list the term “Superfund sites.”

But they weren’t always so pristine. In fact, CPW’s aquatic biologists and research scientists have played a key role in transforming rivers and wetlands dangerously polluted by decades of mining and milling into prime fish habitat by restoring the waterways to their historic unspoiled conditions.

They are erasing the dark legacy of gold mining and restoring gold medal fisheries that are known by anglers worldwide and home to threatened or endangered species.

And here to talk about the work that took place along the Upper Arkansas River is Eric Richer, Aquatic Research Scientist and Paul Foutz, Senior Aquatic Biologist for CPW’s Southeast Region.

 Podcast hosted by Mark Johnson. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management.

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