Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day!

In Colorado, hunters and anglers fund more than 70 percent of CPW’s wildlife management programs through the purchase of licenses.
Colorado hunters and anglers are vital contributors to conservation efforts for nongame species

Thank you, Hunters and Anglers!

Colorado Parks and Wildlife recognizes the contributions of the state’s sportspeople by celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day on Sept. 24, 2022. National Hunting and Fishing Day is observed annually on the fourth Saturday of September, honoring hunters and anglers for their leadership in conserving America’s wildlife and habitats.

“Coloradans have a rich tradition of embracing an outdoor lifestyle and participating in recreational activities in wildlife habitats that hunting and fishing license fees help to conserve,” said CPW Acting Director Heather Dugan. “Our outdoor resources are the foundation of our strong economy and a key contributor to the Colorado way of life.” 

In order to ensure that outdoor traditions can be passed down to future generations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife has dedicated itself to protecting critical wildlife habitats so wildlife and recreation can be enjoyed in Colorado for decades to come.

In Colorado, hunters and anglers fund more than 70 percent of CPW’s wildlife management programs through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses, habitat stamps, as well as taxes paid on hunting and fishing equipment, firearms, and ammunition. This generates millions of dollars for conservation programs that benefit both game and nongame species statewide. Recent conservation efforts include reintroducing the greenback cutthroat trout, Colorado’s state fish, to its native waters, and the reintroduction and continued monitoring of black-footed ferrets on the state’s eastern plains.

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To learn more about CPW’s conservation efforts, please read “Hunters and Anglers Helping to Fund Colorado’s Wildlife Conservation.”

“Hunters and anglers are one of the biggest reasons Colorado enjoys such abundant wildlife,” said Bryan Posthumus, statewide hunter outreach coordinator for CPW. “While only roughly 40 of the 960 species in Colorado are huntable, the fees from hunting and fishing licenses help conserve all wildlife in the state, including threatened and endangered species.”

In this video, Colorado Master Angler Caryn Czapran shares her passion for fishing. Czapran also explains how license fees help to support fishery conservation and Colorado’s hatchery/stocking programs. Colorado Parks and Wildlife celebrates National Hunting and Fishing Day and thanks anglers for their continued support.

National Hunting and Fishing Day is a great opportunity to acknowledge all that our sportspeople do for conservation, and in turn, recreation in Colorado. Colorado Parks and Wildlife remains committed to connecting people to the great outdoors and dedicating funds to sustain state lands. Learn more about Colorado’s Outdoor Principles and how outdoor recreation can be enjoyed and balanced with thoughtful conservation. 

Written by Joseph Livingston. Joseph is a statewide public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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