2022 Colorado Outdoors Photo Issue Video

Enjoy these images from the Colorado Outdoors magazine's annual photography issue and join Colorado Parks and Wildlife in celebrating 125 years as an agency.
All images are copyrighted. Colorado Outdoors is published six times a year by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Order Colorado Outdoors online or by phone at 1-800-417-8986.


As Coloradans, we are surrounded by natural beauty — and with that comes the responsibility for all of us to care for Colorado and keep it wild. 

Each year, the Photography Issue allows all of us at Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and our outdoor enthusiasts to see the beauty of our state through the creative eyes of a group of talented photographers. The images showcased in this annual photo issue capture the abundant wildlife species and breathtaking landscapes that our residents and visitors enjoy in Colorado. 

Nature enriches all of our lives, which is why keeping Colorado wild and colorful for each other and future generations is an important part of our mission. As our state park system and wildlife programs grow and evolve, our local communities play an integral role in securing our outdoor lifestyle and wildlife legacy in the state. 

With the upcoming 2023 vehicle registrations, Colorado residents will see a $29 Keep Colorado Wild Pass added to their annual vehicle registration through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This new annual pass gives all Coloradans easy access to our state parks and the added benefit of supporting our great outdoors and wildlife in a meaningful way.

Every purchase of a Keep Colorado Wild Pass contributes to keeping our landscapes healthy and shows our state’s passion to look after our natural resources. But it’s more than just a parks pass, the money raised from pass sales also supports our:

  • state parks system 
  • search and rescue teams
  • avalanche safety programs
  • wildlife conservation efforts
  • local outdoor educational opportunities

So whether you use the pass to visit state parks, attend educational programs with your family or you just want to support our outdoor first responders and wildlife populations, your contribution to give back to nature and our local communities matters.

Colorado is home to more than 960 species of wildlife and 23 million acres of public lands, ranging from wetlands to forests, prairie landscapes to mountain lakes. With so many wild neighbors and areas to explore, our collective efforts to be active stewards truly accomplish more than if we work alone. 

All of Colorado wins when you stay opted in! To learn more about the Keep Colorado Wild Pass, visit cpw.info/keepcoloradowildpass and cpw.info/keepcoloradowildpassspanish

As you marvel at the beautiful images captured in this year’s photo issue, we hope you enjoy seeing what makes Colorado so special and why we want to keep our outdoor spaces thriving and available to anyone who wants to experience them. 

The staff of Colorado Parks and Wildlife is honored to lead conservation in the state, and we are grateful for the opportunities to collaborate with our communities to invest in the outdoor spaces we love and protect the outdoor lifestyle we cherish.m

Bridget O’Rourke

CPW Statewide Information Officer

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