Public Comment Opportunity: Colorado Big Game Hunting Season Structure Planning

Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to hear from you about the current Colorado big game hunting season structure and possible changes for 2025-2029.
Colorado Hunter

As part of its Colorado big game hunting season structure planning process, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is seeking input from resident and nonresident big game hunters. 

CPW is encouraging the public to complete this comment form on the current Big Game Season Structure and potential changes CPW is considering.

The comment form will be open through March 15, 2023.

Big Game Season Structure Topics

  • Alternatives regarding over-the-counter archery and rifle elk licenses
  • Alternatives for rifle season date structures for deer and elk
  • Adding rifle deer opportunities to the first regular rifle season
  • Adding a second regular rifle buck and doe pronghorn season
  • Early season (archery and muzzleloader) date structures
  • Current weighted-point draw system for bighorn sheep, mountain goat and moose

The options provided in this comment form are starting points for discussion and not final options to vote on. These options will be further considered and modified as needed during public meeting opportunities in the spring and summer of 2023. Sign up for CPW’s monthly email newsletters to be notified of details, dates and locations of those meetings. Input gathered through the comment form and public meetings will be used to develop Big Game Season Structure recommendations to the Parks and Wildlife Commission.

What is the Big Game Season Structure planning process and why is it important?

The Big Game Season Structure planning process is a critical component of big game management and big game hunting regulation development. 

The central purpose of the Big Game Season Structure planning process is to determine:

  • What, when, and where types of big game hunting opportunities are available
  • How opportunities are divided among hunters.

Through this planning process, CPW is better able to maintain healthy wildlife populations in keeping with management objectives and provide recreational benefits for the hunting and non-hunting public. 

Why is Colorado Parks and Wildlife evaluating Big Game Season Structure now?

CPW evaluates and updates the Big Game Season Structure to gather internal and external input, evaluate the current season structure, and identify emerging issues related to season structure. CPW then uses that information to develop policy recommendations for the upcoming framework. This approach helps ensure the administration of hunting is continuously aligned with big game management needs as well as sportspersons’ interests. 

Learn more about Big Game Season Structure and the planning process on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

Written by Joey Livingston. Joey is a statewide public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

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