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Author: Bill Vogrin - DNR


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Fisher's Peak

Colorado’s Next State Park

Developing Colorado’s 42nd state park is not as simple as opening the gates and inviting the public.

Fishers Peak

Fishers Peak

The state’s acquisition of Fishers Peak is an exciting milestone for Colorado outdoor recreationists, wildlife watchers, hunters and residents.

Black-footed Ferret project

On the lookout for . . . ferrets

Cameras are the latest tools in Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s exhaustive efforts to reintroduce black-footed ferrets to Colorado.

boreal toad toadlet

Purple Rain

Information gathered from years of work by researchers and biologists will assist the conservation efforts of the boreal toad, a state-endangered species.


Colorado Whitewater Boating Safety Tips

As whitewater season approaches, Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to ensure boaters remain safe while enjoying their whitewater river adventures.

Pheasant hunt

My First Pheasant Hunt

Will I do it again? Absolutely. I still don’t have the gear, but now that I know what I need, it is less concerning.

Boreal Toad tadpoles

Restoring the State-endangered Boreal Toad

CPW aquatic biologists, staff and volunteers headed up a steep mountain, each loaded with large bags of water filled with squirming, Boreal toad tadpoles.

Rare Hayden Creek Cutthroat Trout

On Jenny’s back were large saddle tanks packed with 2,000 rare Hayden Creek cutthroat trout and pressurized steel canisters pumping oxygen into the water.

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