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Author: Jason Clay


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Black Bear - photo by DJ Hannigan

Q&A: Insight on Colorado’s Human-Bear Interactions

The data outlines a major problem and potentially documents only half of what actually takes place. CPW recognizes that among the 5,369 bear reports from April 1-Dec. 31, there are likely an equal number of human-bear interactions that go unreported.

deer enters house for food

Please Do Not Feed Wildlife

We know people mean well when they give tidbits to wildlife. What many don’t realize is that feeding big game is bad for the animals and dangerous for people. It’s also against the law.


Assessing Colorado’s Walleye

Colorado Parks and Wildlife launches walleye study to assess population dynamics at Lake Pueblo, Chatfield reservoir and Cherry Creek Colorado reservoir.

Keeping Wildlife Wild: Mountain Goats

Just last week video surfaced of a mountain goat climbing on top of a SUV, hanging out on its hood for a couple of moments before moving on.

Greenback Cutthroat Trout Comeback

CPW has evidence that Colorado’s state fish, the greenback cutthroat trout, is making a successful return in its ancestral waters.

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