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Author: Joe Lewandowski


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family paddle-boarding

Paddleboard Safety

Colorado Parks and Wildlife urges paddleboarders to be safe on, and off, the water.

Sandhill cranes fill the skies of the San Luis Valley

Annual Monte Vista Crane Festival

Nature is again putting on one of its most memorable displays: the spring migration of greater sandhill cranes in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.

boat electrofishing

Colorado’s Whirling Disease Resistant Rainbows

After more than 20 years of study, frustration, experimentation and dogged persistence by CPW’s aquatic researchers, the tide has turned in the fight against Whirling-disease.

Ryan Lane holds a mixture of 30 different native seeds used to replant former farm land

Restoring Wildlife Habitat With Native Seeds

Since 2014, CPW has been working aggressively in several areas throughout western Colorado to plant native seeds on: old farmland, state wildlife areas, state trust lands and areas burned in fires.

A 41.5-pound lake trout caught at Blue Mesa Reservoir

A Six-Month-Long Fishing Tournament

A Lake Trout tournament at Blue Mesa Reservoir with $10,000 in cash prizes starts Feb. 1, 2020. The tournament continues through July 31, 2020.

boreal toadlet

CPW Focuses on Boreal Toad Survival

In mid-September Biologist Dan Cammack walked slowly along the edge of a boggy pond in the San Juan Mountains high above the San Luis Valley and peered into the mud and black water looking for a camouflaged critter the size of a dime.

Elk Hunting University

Hunters looking for information to help with their big game adventure will find plenty of useful material in Elk Hunting University.

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