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Colorado Oudoors ‘Quick Tip’ Video: Bait-Fishing Basics

Fishing with bait is one of the most productive methods for catching fish. It’s also one of the most popular. According to surveys conducted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, nearly half of the state’s anglers fish with bait. In this “Quick Tips” video, you will learn how to set up a slip-sinker rig for bottom fishing with worms and Powerbait, and how to suspend bait off the bottom using a bobber.

‘Belly Boat Bassin’ – Part 2: Lures and Techniques

Fishing lure

Colorado’s big lakes and reservoirs tend to attract the most angling attention, but small suburban lakes and ponds offer great fishing, hours of fun and often provide great belly boating opportunities. In Belly Boat Bassin’ – Part 2, Jeff shares tips that will help both first time and seasoned anglers locate and catch bass in Colorado.

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How to Shoot a Compound Bow

Colorado’s archery season may be four months away, but practicing your shooting skills should be a year-round discipline.   In this video, hunter education instructor Jim Gilmore demonstrates the proper form for shooting a compound bow.  Although shooting techniques may vary slightly among archers, following these basic fundamentals will ensure that you develop consistency and accuracy in your shooting.

For further information about Colorado’s archery-hunting opportunities, purchase the 2012 Colorado Outdoors Hunting Guide.  This issue features “Archery Advice,” an in-depth article with tips and strategies from some of the state’s top bowhunters.  Included is advice on selecting bowhunting clothing and equipment, shooting techniques and tips to make your big-game hunt more successful.  To order the 2012 Hunting Guide, back issues or to purchase a yearly subscription to Colorado Outdoors, call 1-800-417-8986.

Duck Hunting – The Colorado Decoy Rig

Colorado Outdoors “Quick Tips” Videos

Duck decoys are an essential tool for every serious waterfowl hunter.   But organizing floating decoys and keeping anchor lines tangle-free is a constant challenge.  In this video, you will learn how to setup and breakdown your decoy spread quickly and easily–all while keeping your hands warm and dry on blustery days. This innovative decoy-anchor system is based on the popular Texas-style rig but with a Colorado twist.

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