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Tiger Muskie; the role of this silent predator in Colorado’s waters

A non-native fish, and one that is a hybrid, the Tiger Muskie plays an important role in the management of fisheries across Colorado. Photo by © Jason Clay/CPW.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife aquatic biologist Ben Swigle stocked seven-inch Tiger Muskie fish into Gross Reservoir on a sunny Tuesday at the 440-surface acre reservoir sitting at 7,282 feet in southwest Boulder County. 

A non-native fish, and one that is a hybrid, the Tiger Muskie plays a small, albeit, important role in the management of fisheries across Colorado.

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Walden Ice University

Tyler Stephen Werner Ice fishing

The lakes surrounding Walden provide a multi-tiered challenge for ice anglers. Photo by Tyler Stephen Werner.

By David Harrison

The 2014 census listed 1,394 people in Jackson County, and the 2016 and 2017 stocking report for the 656-acre Lake John numbered 1 million fish.  This means that if you want to catch a trout through the ice, North Park is where you want to be. Read more

Ice Fishing at Mancos State Park

Located in remote southwest Colorado, Mancos State Park provides camping, fishing and connector trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling into the vast San Juan National Forest. It’s also just a 20-minute drive to world famous Mesa Verde National Park. This video provides a glimpse of one of the more popular winter activities at Mancos: ice fishing. 

Video produced by Joe Lewandowski/CPW. Lewandowski is the public information officer for CPW’s Southwest Region. He’s based in Durango.

Gearing Up for Ice Fishing Season

Brian Marsh poses with a brown trout.

Brian Marsh poses with a brown trout.

With these warm fall days lingering well into early winter, it’s hard to think about drilling holes through frozen lakes, much less through ice more than 30 inches thick at some of our high-elevation reservoirs. The good news, however, is ice fishing season is just around the corner. While many of the larger Front Range reservoirs are still several weeks away from getting a solid lid, some of the mountain lakes are starting to develop fishable ice. If you’re itching like me to go ice fishing, there are a few things you can do now to prepare for a successful hard-water fishing season. Read more

Blue Mesa Yellow Perch


Ice fishers find yellow perch near a steep cliff at Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir – The pile of yellow perch in front of Cally Westcoat grew larger during the day. Although she and her fishing partner Colt Emich saw periods of slow action, there were times when she could not get her lure to the bottom before another perch was on her line. When the catch was tallied at the end of the day, Cally, Colt and Dan Emich had reduced the perch population by 72. Read more

Ice Fishing – Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch

Strange thing … the power that fish averaging only 8-inches long can have over humans. Yet, despite their size, yellow perch have a following of devotees in Colorado, especially among ice fishers, where the devotion can approach the cult level.

Perch loyalists tend to be narrow in their focus, interested in seeing nothing but perch coming through the ice. Trout caught incidentally are fun to play and release but are otherwise considered a nuisance, a diversion from the mission, which is putting as many perch on the ice as possible.

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Ice Fishing – Getting Started

Ice is the great equalizer. The frozen surface of a lake is an open court, a level playing field that allows otherwise shore-bound anglers to delve into a lake’s sweet spots, which were accessible only by boat in open water. Anglers that waited on the sidelines for the playing field to solidify, now march into the game waving ice augers, dragging sleds and toting plastic buckets bristling with short fishing rods.

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Colorado Fishing Atlas is Ultimate Tool for Anglers

Colorado Fishing Atlas.

Colorado Fishing Atlas.

Every so often a product comes along that truly enhances your outdoor experience.  A product offering the perfect blend of technology, innovation and useful information that you wonder how you ever managed without it. For anglers, the Colorado Fishing Atlas is precisely this type of product.

Earlier this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s GIS department developed the Colorado Fishing Atlas, a user-friendly and interactive online mapping system that provides anglers with the ultimate where-to resource for thousands of fishing locations throughout the state. Since its debut this spring, the Atlas has received rave reviews from anglers and CPW staff alike.   Read more

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