Did your trail camera capture that once-in-a-lifetime bull elk, monster mule deer, curious black bear or the latest chupacabra sighting?  If so, we want your photos!

Send your best or most interesting trail-cam photos to Doug Skinner, Colorado Outdoors Online editor, at douglas.skinner@state.co.us. Please describe the photo, location of where the photo was taken and include your full name and address.

NOTE:  All photos must depict Colorado wildlife. Photos become property of Colorado Parks and Wildlife and may be used on this website or in future editions of Colorado Outdoors magazine. All photos are subject to review and publication is not guaranteed.

  • Mountain lion in Teller County
  • Bobcat in Eagle County
  • Coyote near Red Feather Lakes, CO.
  • A turkey vulture feeds on a deer carcass.
  • Mountain lion in Teller County. Photo by Adam Pisoni.
  • A bull elk in Pitkin County.
  • A deer near Lakewood, CO.
  • Elk spar during the rut.
  • Bull elk in velvet.
  • Mule deer bucks in Yuma County.
  • Coyote
  • A coyote feeds on a deer carcass near Lakewood, CO.
  • Rooster pheasant near South Platte River in eastern Colorado.
  • An elk in Pitkin County.
  • Rio Grande turkeys near South Platte River in eastern Colorado.
  • Bearing the rapids. Photo taken west of Pueblo.
  • Coyotes near South Platte River in eastern Colorado.
  • Mountain Lion in Freemont County.
  • Raccoon
  • Mule deer buck in Yuma County.
  • Sparring mule deer bucks in Yuma County.
  • Submitted by J. Bulger
  • Moose
  • Bull Elk
  • Closeup.
  • Bull elk.
  • Bull elk.
  • Bull elk.
  • Moose.
  • Moose. nty
  • Elk.
  • Elk.
  • Elk. Submitted by T. Bandemer in Grand County.
  • Elk. Photo submitted by D. Martel (Conejos County)
  • Elk
  • Elk.

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