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Life of a Professional Wildlife Photographer

bighorn ram

Have you ever wondered what it takes to capture those amazing wildlife photographs seen in Colorado Outdoors?

In this video, Colorado photographer Vic Schendel offers an intimate look into the world of professional wildlife photography.  Schendel, a frequent contributor to Colorado Outdoors magazine, shares stories behind some of his favorite photographs, offers simple tips for shooting better images and explains the inspiration that drives his life’s work. Big-game hunters will appreciate Schendel’s exceptional images of elk, bighorn sheep, deer and moose.

Video and blog post by Jerry Neal. Neal is the senior video producer and information specialist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Gore Canyon Bighorn Sheep Reintroduction May Lead to Additional Opportunities for Hunters

A bighorn ram. Photo by  © Wayne D. Lewis/CPW

A bighorn ram. Photo by © Wayne D. Lewis/CPW

Hunters may have additional opportunities to hunt bighorn sheep in northwest Colorado thanks to an ongoing reintroduction effort by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society.

In January, CPW wildlife managers trapped 13 bighorn sheep from Basalt and successfully relocated them to their new home in Gore Canyon near Kremmling. The 5 lambs, 1 ram and 7 ewes were captured using a dropnet and were safely released in Gore Canyon later the same day. The sheep were ear-tagged and fitted with either telemetry collars or ear transmitters to monitor seasonal movement and habitat use.

The relocation effort is part of a broader management plan, which was established back in 2004, to reintroduce bighorns to Gore Canyon. Although Gore Canyon’s steep and rugged walls provide ideal bighorn habitat, sheep had been extirpated from the area since the late 1960s, presumably as a result of domestic livestock interaction, market hunting, poaching and habitat loss. CPW’s reintroduction plan estimates that the area could support a minimum of 150 sheep. Read more