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Elk Hunting University

Hunters looking for information to help with their big game adventure will find plenty of useful material in Elk Hunting University.

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Becoming a Real Straight Shooter

  “Do you know how to shoot straight?” While some people might take offense at such a question, it is one that big game hunters need to ask themselves every year. Shooting an animal with a high-powered rifle, no matter the distance, is not a

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High-altitude Survival

Every year, more than a few hunters must be rescued from the wilds and high country of Colorado. Hunters get trapped by snowstorms, injured in various types of accidents or simply get lost in the woods. Hunters must remember that altitude can affect their health

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5 Tips For Beginning Elk Hunters

Over the years, I’ve learned some hard-earned elk hunting lessons and have 5 tips that will help beginning do-it-yourself hunters find succes in Colorado.

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