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2017 Fishing Guide Available Now!


The 2017 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide is now available! With more that 9,000 miles of rivers and some 2000 lakes and reservoirs, Colorado is truly an angler’s paradise. Get the most out of your time on the water this year by purchasing the 2017 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide.

Learn techniques for catching mountain whitefish. Discover the monumental fly fishing opportunities of Fossil Ridge Wilderness Area. Read about catching South Park’s trophy northern pike and see a complete guide to fishing Denver metro waters. You’ll find all this and more in the 2017 Fishing Guide. Get your copy today
The 2017 Fishing Guide is a special edition of Colorado Outdoors magazine. You can receive it free with an annual subscription!

Fishing the ‘Burbs: Small Suburban Ponds Offer Big Fun for Anglers

fish for blog 2

Most suburban ponds have good populations of small bluegills, sunfish and other warm-water species.

Although Colorado’s big lakes and reservoirs get most of the angling attention and accolades, small suburban lakes and ponds often boast great fishing and provide hours of close-to-home fun.

Conveniently located in neighborhood parks and greenbelts, these easy-to-access waters are great places to unwind after a long day of work or to simply find a little solitude without venturing too far off the beaten path.

They are also the perfect locations to take kids fishing. In fact, some of my earliest (and fondest) memories of fishing with my dad took place at ponds in the Lakewood, Golden and Wheat Ridge areas.

At a particular pond near my dad’s apartment home, I remember catching fish nearly every cast on my little Zebco rod/reel combo. As a 5-year-old boy, there was nothing more thrilling than seeing a bluegill or bass pull my red and white bobber under the surface. I also remember the fun of catching my own grasshoppers and worms to use as bait. In addition to providing an enjoyable father/son activity, it was these early experiences that played an important role in developing my lifelong passion for fishing and the outdoors. Read more

St. Vrain State Park: Anglers Enjoy High-Water Mark

CPW biologists are managing Blue Heron Reservoir as a trophy bass fishery. Photo by © Wayne D. Lewis/CPW.
CPW biologists are managing Blue Heron Reservoir as a trophy bass fishery. Photo by © Wayne D. Lewis/CPW.

Nestled in the crook between two major highways, within close proximity to Denver, Boulder and Loveland, St. Vrain State Park sits at the epicenter of Colorado’s northern Front Range. Encompassing approximately 800 acres of land and water, the park’s abundant, year-round recreation opportunities attract a variety of visitors for camping, birding, wildlife viewing, hiking, boating and fishing.

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The 2015 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide Available Now!

2015 Fishing Guide cover

The 2015 Fishing Guide, a special to Colorado Outdoors magazine, is available now. The guide features interesting and informative articles about Colorado fishing, including an article about the methodology behind selecting the perfect fly-fishing outfit, information about casting for Colorado bluegills, a piece on one of the world’s top fish taxidermists who creates amazingly realistic artificial mounts, a run-down on fishing the high lakes of the Gunnison National Forest and much more. Purchase your copy, or get it free with an annual subscription, today.

Small Stream Solitude: The Poudre’s Lonely North Fork

The North Fork of the. Photo by Ryan McSparran.
The North Fork of the Poudre. Photo by Ryan McSparran.

A roadless river canyon near Colorado’s Front Range that’s almost devoid of people? Yes, it exists. Perhaps it is the lack of any prominent peaks, landmarks or other attractions that allows this small stream to lie outside the radar of many outdoor enthusiasts. The effort required to reach this rugged canyon may also dissuade some. But for whatever reason, the North Fork of the Poudre River is a little gem that receives very little fishing pressure.

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Fishing Close to Home: Northern Front Range Rivers, Lakes and Ponds

Photo by Vic Schendel.

There is no denying northern Colorado is an incredible place to call home.

The golden triangle of Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor has routinely been recognized among the top five best places to live in the United States. The area is the largest producer of beer in a state considered the “Napa Valley” of craft brewing. The elaborate biking system, with 310 miles of trails, recently placed Fort Collins at No. 11 among the nation’s most biker-friendly cities. Finally, two local restaurants — Jay’s Bistro in Fort Collins and Chimney Park Bistro in Windsor — were recognized among the nation’s top 100 restaurants.

That is quite an impressive list, but there is an additional award of which the golden triangle is just as deserving.

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‘Belly Boat Bassin’ – Part 2: Lures and Techniques

Fishing lure

Colorado’s big lakes and reservoirs tend to attract the most angling attention, but small suburban lakes and ponds offer great fishing, hours of fun and often provide great belly boating opportunities. In Belly Boat Bassin’ – Part 2, Jeff shares tips that will help both first time and seasoned anglers locate and catch bass in Colorado.

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Fishing Close To Home: Rocky Mountain Arsenal — ‘Come for the Buffalo, Stay for the Fishing’

RMANWR buffalo in road by Wayne D. Lewis

Buffalo bull crossing the road. — Photo by Wayne D. Lewis (CPW)

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” I sang, but not as loudly as the young men in the commercial. Their car had just been crushed by a bull buffalo, whereas I just had a large bull sauntering across the road, mere feet from my car’s front bumper. It was the closest I had been to a free-ranging buffalo in, well, ever. Although the bull wasn’t threatening me at all, we had made some serious eye contact a few seconds earlier. Signs advise you to stay in the car, I gladly took the advice.

It felt like I was in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, but I was actually only 7 miles from my northeast Denver home — in the heart of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. If the proverbial crow flew from downtown Denver to Denver International Airport, he would grab a midflight snack at the arsenal. Read more

Fishing Close to Home: Lowell Ponds State Wildlife Area

Getting in quality fishing time lately has been extremely hard. I sneak away some lunchtimes, but no luck. I really don’t want to eat outside on a patio away from air conditioning when it’s hot, so I understand why the fish aren’t biting. Lazy fishes, don’t they realize that I have deadlines? Read more

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