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Tom Brokaw Pays Tribute to ‘Opening Day’ of Pheasant Season

As an avid sportsman, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I see national media outlets featuring positive stories about hunting and fishing. Last week, retired NBC “Nightly News” anchorman Tom Brokaw explored the cultural and economic impacts of pheasant season in a one-hour special entitled “Opening

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The Unofficial Etiquette of a Pheasant Hunt

How a person hunts is often a precise indicator of their character. In many instances, personality traits revealed in the field can either enhance or ruin the hunting experience for everyone involved. I recently hunted pheasants with a large group of people, and at the risk of

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Dog Days

I suppose we were a little suspect of each other. He wondering why I was taking him from his tiny universe and me wondering if he could be everything his predecessor was.  He has grown comfortable around the house and has taken well to training.

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