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2018 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide

2018 Fishing Guide - Magazine CoverThe 2018 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide is now available! With more than 9,000 miles of rivers and some 2,000 lakes and reservoirs, Colorado is an angler’s paradise.

This year’s guide features interesting and informative articles geared toward helping you make the most of your time on the water. The 2018 issue includes tips to help you catch more fish during the summer months. Learn about a fly that will catch fish anywhere in Colorado. From rivers to reservoirs and brown trout to walleyes, you’ll find tips and tricks to make the most of your fishing season. Read more

Colorado’s Top Springtime Fishing Destinations

Lake Trout
Early spring is an ideal time to catch lake trout (Mackinaw). Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

If you’re an angler, there’s no better time to fish Colorado’s lakes and reservoirs than early spring. Not only is it a great time of year to shake off your cabin fever, but many trophy sized rainbow, cutthroat, cutbow and brown trout are caught in those first days and weeks after ice-out. If those weren’t enough reasons to make you want to grab your fishing rod and tackle box, spring is also the best time to catch lake trout (aka Mackinaw) — a species that can reach upwards of 50 pounds in Colorado.

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Casting Fall Flies on Clear Creek


A Fly Fishing Team USA competitor on Clear Creek. Photo by Wayne D. Lewis/CPW.

Ron Belak. Photo by Wayne D. Lewis/CPW

Ron Belak. Photo by Wayne D. Lewis/CPW

If you want a reliable source of fly-fishing information in the Evergreen area, Ron Belak is much better than most. He is the editor of “The Evergreen Trout,” the newsletter of the Evergreen chapter of Trout Unlimited, and I would bet that Belak knows the waters around this Foothills town better than 99.9 percent of the residents. “These waters are my laboratory, where I try out new flies and techniques,” said Belak.

Belak is also a frequent contributer to Colorado Outdoors magazine, of which I am the editor. He recently pitched an article about a Fly Fishing Team USA competition that took place Aug. 8-9. His article will run in the upcoming 2015 Fishing Guide edition of Colorado Outdoors. During the competition, Belak’s primary duty was to function as a judge (actually referred to as a controller) and secondarily as a photographer and writer. I decided it was a great opportunity to capture some images for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife photo library and for this blog.

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Ice Fishing – Getting Started

Ice is the great equalizer. The frozen surface of a lake is an open court, a level playing field that allows otherwise shore-bound anglers to delve into a lake’s sweet spots, which were accessible only by boat in open water. Anglers that waited on the sidelines for the playing field to solidify, now march into the game waving ice augers, dragging sleds and toting plastic buckets bristling with short fishing rods.

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