Cheyenne Mountain State Park Archery Range

A bowhunter shoots a compound bow on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.
A bowhunter sharpen skills on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

Nestled in the foothills southwest of Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Mountain State Park’s archery range is located just south of the park’s main entrance along Colorado Highway 115 and Pine Oaks Road.

Something for Everyone

officer and kid
Senior Ranger Stacey Lewis helps a young archer at Cheyenne Mountain’s novice shooting range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

For those just starting out, Cheyenne Mountain State Park offers a range designated for novices. Intended for archers of all ages, the novice range features 20-yard targets and is limited to bows with a maximum draw weight of 35 pounds.

Experienced archers will appreciate the competition-style shooting lanes with targets ranging from 10 to 80 yards. As an added benefit, all 10 lanes are covered, sheltering shooters from inclement weather or the summer sun. And if those weren’t enough reasons to make the trip to Colorado Springs, there’s the phenomenal 3-D target course.

State of the Art 3D Range

adult archer bear
Archer sets sights on a bear target on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

Consisting of high-quality, Rhinehart animal targets, the 3-D course features shooting stations along a well-groomed and scenic hiking trail. Lifelike moose, bear, deer and elk lurk among the trees, providing scenarios and shooting angles/distances similar to what bowhunters might experience on a genuine big-game hunt. Additionally, archers will find a few gobblers roaming the backwoods, offering a perfect tune-up for Colorado’s turkey season. The hilly, mile-long course is also great way to burn a few calories while honing one’s shooting skills.

Growing Demand

Thanks to “The Hunger Games” films and book series, archery’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. To support growing demand, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) expanded its shooting-range operations, opening public archery ranges at Cheyenne Mountain and Barr Lake state parks.

ranger and kids shooting

Ranger Stacey Lewis assists a brother and sister on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.  
The look of determination! A young boy aims at a bear target on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.
The look of determination! A young boy stares down a bear target on the 3-D range. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

Range Fees

To help maintain the range, users are required to purchase a valid parks pass to use the standard target ranges. Visitors wishing to take aim at the field and 3-D targets must purchase an additional archery range permit. Permits may be purchased for the day or as annual passes. Day permits are $3, and may be purchased at the park visitor center or through the self-service kiosk located at the range parking lots. Annual permits are $30 and are available at the visitor center.

For more information about Cheyenne Mountain’s archery range, CPW’s other public shooting ranges, please visit the CPW website.

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