Colorado Outdoors May/June Issue Now Available

May June 2014 cover

The May/June 2014 issue of Colorado Outdoors magazine is hot of the press, and it features a wealth of information for sportsmen.

Colorado is famous for its abundant elk herds. But did you know that moose herds are bucking national trends and are thriving in the Centennial State? Learn how a growing moose population may lead to expanded hunting opportunites in “Colorado’s New Gold.” In addition, hunters can learn how to smoke game meat in “Smokin’,” and how the localvore movement is creating a renewed interest in hunting in “The Hunting Paradox.” Trout and pike anglers will learn techniques for fishing Stagecoach State Park in “Catching the Spring Stage.” Finally, find out how Colorado’s Wildlife Council has raised public awareness through its innovative “Hug a Hunter/Angler” TV commercials in “Hug a Hunter.”

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  1. The Hug a hunter program commercial is bs. No hunter wants to see a family strolling through his hunting area during the hunting season! It’s bad enough that non-contributing people are poaching in on funds generated only by sportsmen and sportswomen in Colorado, and portraying hikers during the big game season NOT DRESSED IN SAFETY ORANGE strolling about is assenine! The old DOW generated millions, while Colorado Parks and Rec, running in red, poached into the funds to appease the hikers, bikers, and others that do not contribute anything to fund their consumption of our beautiful state’s outdoor resources. Probably shouldn’t expect a hug from me, if the tv commercial family walks through the area I’ve been scoping for hours or days, ruining my hunt! How about a habitat stamp sold to the non-sportsmen and sportswomen to pay their own way? Thanks for letting me rant.

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