Trail Camera Captures Hungry Black Bear at Elk Camp

When John Robinson hunted elk last season in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, he was fortunate to have harvested a bull on opening morning of the first rifle season. But, despite the quick kill, Robinson knew that the real work was just beginning. Based on his remote location, he knew it would likely take two days to field dress the bull and pack out all of the edible meat.

Robinson, who has hunted the San Juans for several years, says there have been “many visitors” to his camp and kill-sites in past seasons. In anticipation of uninvited guests, he set up his trail camera near the elk carcass to capture any suspicious activity while he packed out meat on the first day. Sure enough, a hungry black bear showed up around 9:30 p.m. to grab a late dinner. Thankfully, the bear fed only on the elk carcass but did not disturb the deboned meat that Robinson had hung in a nearby tree.

Unfortunately, the bear was not as well mannered when it came to Robinson’s trail camera. Irritated by the infrared flash, the bear clawed at the camera and broke the mounting brackets, sending the trail-cam crashing to the ground.

Robinson says it all worked out in the end with some great photos and no lost meat.

Colorado Outdoors Online thanks John Robinson for sharing his hunting story and photos.

Colorado Outdoors reminds deer and elk hunters that over-the-counter bear licenses are still available for the big-game rifle seasons. Hunters who have already purchased an elk or deer license may buy a bear license for the same game management unit (GMU). To purchase a bear license or for further information on hunting bears, visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s main website.

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