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Adam Pisoni has hunted deer and turkeys in Teller County for years. Yet, he always suspected that he wasn't the only hunter in this particular area.

Adam Pisoni has hunted deer and turkeys in Teller County for years. Yet, he always suspected that he wasn’t the only hunter in this particular area. Pisoni’s trail-cam captured these images earlier this year at his favorite hunting spot. Sure enough, it looks like he has a little competition from the local residents. Thanks Adam for sending us these great shots.

Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion

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    1. Dan, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. People often use trail-cams on public land. However, you are always running the risk of someone else finding them and stealing them. If you hide them well and mount them in a remote location, you are probably just fine. They are certainly a great tool for scouting. Thanks again, and good luck to you on your upcoming hunts.

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