Giant Bass Attempts to Eat Rainbow Trout

Students from Peiffer Elementary fishing
Students from Peiffer Elementary fish at a Colorado Parks and Wildlife education clinic. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

As they say, there’s always a bigger fish in the sea. Or, in this particular instance, there’s always a bigger fish in Lake Lehow.

Students from Peiffer Elementary were fishing the small, private lake on Tuesday as part of Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Schools and Outdoors Learning Environments (SOLE) program. A group of fourth graders were left reeling after a giant bass emerged from the murky depths and attempted to gobble up a 12-inch rainbow trout that was affixed to the end of a student’s line. After this jaw-dropping experience, it’s safe to say that these kids are now officially hooked on angling and will be sharing this fish story for years to come.

A student is shocked when she sees a huge bass attack a rainbow trout.
A student is shocked when she sees a huge bass attack a rainbow trout. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

Due to recent rains, the normally clear water at Lake Lehow looked more like chocolate milk on this particular outing. However, the video below captured this memorable event.

Visit this link for more information about CPW’s SOLE program and for details on how to enroll your school.


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