Faux Fish: Practice Catch and Release With Reproduction Fish-Mounts

A reproduction cutthroat trout created by taxidermist Jeff Mourning. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.
A reproduction cutthroat trout created by Colorado taxidermist Jeff Mourning. Photo by Jerry Neal/CPW.

These days, catch-and-release fishing has become the standard practice among conservation-minded anglers. Thanks to artificial fish-mounts called “replicas,” an angler can release a trophy fish back to the water and still have that beautiful wall-mounted trophy to hang in their office or den.

fishing guide coverIn this Colorado Outdoors magazine video-supplement, Colorado taxidermist Jeff Mourning creates a stunning replica of a huge brook trout. Hours of detailed painting and artistry are condensed into this amazing, 6-minute time-lapse video. Mourning is one of a handful of Colorado taxidermists who specialize in creating fiberglass reproductions. He is also one of the top fish taxidermists in his field, winning 10 world and 10 national titles for his fish mounts, which might be better described as three-dimensional wildlife art.

For information about fish taxidermy and reproduction fish-mounts, purchase the 2015 Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide. This issue features “Faux Fish,” providing an in-depth look into the world of reproduction/replica mounts and how they are fast becoming the only real choice for many anglers.

Annual subscriptions and back issues of Colorado Outdoors magazine may be purchased by clicking HERE or by calling: 1-800-417-8986.

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  1. This is so cool. Hard to believe someone can do that with an airbrush. Just awesome . . . How much do these mounts cost?

  2. Thanks for your comment. The prices can vary depending on the quality and size of the mount. Check out the upcoming story “Faux Fish” in the Colorado Outdoors Fishing Guide for more information on replica/reproduction mounts. The magazine will be available for purchase in a couple weeks.

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