Colorado Hunter Testimonials (Monster Muley and Bowhunter’s Bull)

When he got about 30 yards away, broadside right in front of us, I heard Dustin telling me to shoot...
Steven Crockett and son Andrew celebrate after a successful hunt near Rabbit Ears Pass.

Monster Muley

My name is Steven Crockett from Belmont, NH. I traveled to Colorado to hunt with my son who lives in Steamboat for the early muzzleloader season for mule deer. This would be DIY on public land in the area of Rabbit Ears Pass. My son had been scouting all summer for me and had located several nice bucks including a gorgeous 5×5 that he had seen twice. We hunted hard for 6 days in all weather conditions from 30-75 degrees. Rain and sleet also greeted us. We were soaked and cold on day 6 and considered going back to the truck to warm up. Walking up along this secluded meadow we saw 3 bucks that had just come out of the thick woods. One was a giant, and I worked my way to a tree about 50 yards away and made the shot. My son Andrew and I were more than ecstatic! When we found the buck it ended up being the 5×5 my son had seen in August, and he hoped we could find again. This was the first time we saw him. Grossed score around 175″.

The first time's a charm. Adam Bickel scores big on his first bowhunt.
Adam Bickel scores big on his first bowhunt.

Rookie Bowhunt

I hunted elk for the fifth time this year. Normally, I use a muzzleloader, but after my run-in with a big bull a few years back (I had him in my sights, bulled the trigger and nothing but the cap), I decided to use a bow. They seem more reliable.

This year my buddy Dustin Faus and his father Wyatt Herb Faus let me go hunting with them. We got to camp and kept an eye on the weather. It seemed to be a little warm. Dustin informed me that the rut might be a little late this year, but we decided to go out anyway. So we went up the mountain to where the elk might be, sat down to get comfortable and waited for the sun to get lower in the sky. Around 5:45, Dustin decided to bugle and cow call a little. A few minutes later we looked up and about 300 yards away was this monster of a bull walking straight for us. He paused to look around and Dustin (We call him “The Great Call,” or “Elk Whisperer”) continued to do what he does best. The elk was mad and started raking the grass, throwing it everywhere and stomping his hooves. He then started to walk straight toward us. When he got about 30 yards away, broadside right in front of us, I heard Dustin telling me to shoot because he was getting down wind. I stood up and pulled back. The bull looked at me, but he didn’t care. I let go and swack! The elk took off for about 50-60 yards then dropped. At that moment I realized I just got my first bull elk with a bow, with the help of Dustin calling for me!

As we approached the animal, Dustin yells, “You’re in the record books, buddy. That’s the biggest bull I’ve ever seen!” We walked up knowing the work about to begin (which is another story), and realized it was at least a 350-class bull.  After a long trip back to camp and getting lost in the mountains for about 9 hours, we finished the trip and headed home.


I took the antlers to another buddy, Ralph Zimmerman, to measure and classify. The gross measurement is a 379 7/8th. I shot my first Colorado bull elk at 30 yards, 125-grain broadhead, and it ended up being a 379 class bull. It was an amazing trip. I couldn’t have done it without Wyatt Herb Faus, Dustin Faus and Tyson Bland. Thanks for the amazing trip, the invite, the help and everything you taught me. – Adam Bickel

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